Bare Studs

Author: anthology

Publisher: Dreamspinner Press

Rating: 3 stars

Buy Links: DSP and Amazon

Type: anthology

Received from Publisher


Blurb: Plumbing, cleaning, stone work, painting. Whatever the task, these men have just the right tools for the job. Need something buffed or polished? You’ve come to the right place. From light and sexy fun, to smoldering passion, to life-changing transformations, it’s all in a day’s work for these blue-collar studs. When it needs to be done and done right, trust a professional… mechanic, dry waller, construction worker, firefighter, or snow globe repairman. These guys know if you’re going to work, you might as well work hard. Tag along with them as they show off their special skills—on the job and off.

Coffee Run by Jess Roth
The Last Snow Globe Repairman by Allan Jay
Of Scribes and Kings by Bryl R Tyne
Executive Decision by Alice Archer
Flat Packed by Henrietta Clarke
Moonshine by Charlie Tannen
Love on the Tarmac by Quinn Dressler
The Stonemason by Terry Rissen
Hot Cross Buns by Ginger Streusel
How to Build a Shed by Kim Dias


Review: How to Build a Shed by Kim Dias – Shawn is in the middle of putting away books when he sees the man of his dreams. Gabriel thinks Shawn is beautiful but much to young for him. Not that that’s going to stop him from asking Shawn out on a date.

Love on the Tarmac by Quinn Dressler – Cooper Austin works for an airline company as a rampie. He’s being harassed by First Officer Pratt, when Captain Matt Bowman comes to his rescue.

Flat Packed by Henrietta Clarke – Louise is stuck with his best friends brother, David while shopping for furniture at IKEA. Things wouldn’t be so bad, but these two guys just don’t get along.

Coffee Run by Jess Roth – Alex is helping his mom out by doing her cleaning job while she’s out sick. While on the job he meets cute, awkward Emmett.

Hot Cross Buns by Ginger Streusel – Cole meets Johnny after a terrible night fighting a huge fire. Johnny, a cafe worker, offers Cole a cup of coco.

Moonshine by Charlie Tannen – Charles hires Oscar to build him a car. Oscar has no idea how a man could afford such an expensive thing, but he plans to find out.

The Last Snow Globe Repairman by Allan Jay – Matt, a Snow Globe repairman moves in across the street from Tom. Tom thinks things may go well between them. Well, that is until he finds out there’s more to Matts job than just fixing Snow Globes.

The Stonemason by Terry Rissen – Russ works as a custodian for a museum. He used to be a big hotshot painter until one morning he woke up and had lost his love for painting.

Of Scribes and Kings by Bryl R. Tyne – An online gamer who has set his sights on the maintenance man for his building.

Executive Decision by Alice Archer – Dar is a stone mason. He has spent many years building walls, he loves his job but hates his boss. Pierre is the CEO of a company. He never has time for anything, but when his father dies, Dar is there to help him get through it.

It has taken me a couple hours to come up with something to say about this anthology. And I absolutely hate that I have to say this, but this one really disappointed me. There were only a few stories that actually appealed to me, and some of them left me with a big WTF-did-I-just-read by the time I finished them. Which truly bums me out, because I love anthologies. But Bare Studs just didn’t do it for me. However, this is just my opinion. You may love them all or hate the ones I loved. I guess that’s up to you, but this set of stories just weren’t for me.

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