Terror by Moonlight (Critter Catchers #1)

Author: Hank Edwards

Publisher: Wilde City Press

Rating: 4 stars

Buy Links: WCP & Amazon

Type: Novella

Received from Publisher


Blurb: Cody Bower and Demetrius Singleton have been friends for over twenty years even though they are polar opposites. Cody is tall, handsome, athletic, and straight, and Demetrius is average height, more of a thinker, and gay. They have started an animal control business together and have to figure out how to be business partners without letting it affect their friendship, but that’s the least of their problems. When one of their first clients ends up brutally murdered in what appears to be an animal attack, the two realize something big and dangerous is stalking their tiny town of Parson’s Hollow, and it’s up to them to catch it before it kills again.


Review:  This was a fun little story about two best friends who decide to start up their own business together. An animal friendly pest control company. It sounded lie a good idea at the time but the bills are coming in faster than the jobs are paying them. So when the phone rings for a job the guys head out to work. AND they get a whole lot more than they bargained for. Something is killing people and Cody and Demetrius keep turning up at the scenes of the crimes.

I love creature stories and this one is just in time for Halloween. It’s pretty obvious what kind of creature they’re dealing with after a few slayings. The townspeople are colorful and give you a good feel for the setting of this story. I can totally see two good old boys from a small town getting this idea in their heads and running with it.

While the creature hunting was fun to read about, the highlight of this story are Cody and Demetrius. Cody is a ladies man. He’s also funny and charming so you can totally see why women would fall for him. You also see why they end up not liking him very much. Kind of the life of the party but the party always ends. Demetrius is more considerate and less likely to draw attention to himself. More likely to think things through. He’s also gay so there’s no scorned women for him to run into at every turn. He does catch the eye of the new reporter in town. However Cody is convinced he has something to do with the murders.

The only thing that I had reservations with is the way Demetrius is always checking Cody out or having not so “just friends” thoughts about him. I don’t know if it’s because of the love interest in this story or that he’s crushing on his “straight” hot slutty friend. I totally get finding Cody sexy but I couldn’t tell if there was maybe some real attraction or feelings there? On either or both sides. Or Demetrius was just perving on his best friend? I wish that would have been more clearly define or set up for future books maybe? You know those moments when you could interpret a look or something they said either way. Creating some sexual tension or possibilities. Or it could be nothing! I don’t now. Just don’t expect this installment to have romance play a big role in it.

This looks to be a new series so I guess I’ll get my answers as more books come out. This book had some interesting characters. Some gore and violence. Some good humor. All things I like to read about! There’s really no sex in this book but I didn’t miss it at all. If you’re in the mood for a fun creature story with a good dose of humor check this one out.

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