The Name of the Game (Something New #3)

namecover71081-mediumAuthor: Jennifer Dawson

Publisher: Kensington Books ZEBRA

Rating: 4 stars

Buy Links: Kensington & Amazon

Type: Novel in a Series

Provided by Publisher


Blurb: Some people follow the rules. . .

A professor of forensic anthropology, James Donovan is the reasonable sibling among the passionate, impulsive Donovans. But there’s nothing reasonable about his reaction to baker Gracie Roberts. She’s all wild curls and mouth-watering curves, as deliciously tempting as the sugary treats she’s famous for–and twice as irritating. But before long, James decides that getting a taste of her is one indulgence he can’t pass up. . .

Some people play to win. . .

Independent, smart, and sexy, Gracie’s year-long dry spell has her itching for a man. Responsible, health-obsessed James? Not in a million years! She needs a guy who knows how to let loose! But when James sets out to show her just how satisfying a disciplined man can be when pleasure is at stake, she learns just how sweet–and spicy–he really is.


Review: This was a great romance about opposites attracting–and it was a bombshell! Their chemistry was through the roof, and while it took them a little while to get together, when they did, sparks ignited and we got to bear witness to the heated results. Thanks to the author for a hot and sexy read about two people who needed the time and the effort made to ensure that their self-esteem and personalities were able to be put to the test–and win!

Gracie was a baker and loved indulging in her wild side. Flirting, baking, living life indulging–that’s what she did. She was driven crazy by the very dry, regimented James. He was so different from his brothers and sister! She just wanted to mess him up, or just mess WITH him. He was always so strict–no cake, no cupcakes, no fun! And he always watched her with such a critical eye. But secretly, she loved it when she fought with him. It would ruin her day if he didn’t respond with heat to her criticisms.

James didn’t know why Gracie set him off so bad. Her constant flirting and her happy go lucky nature just slapped in the face everything he stood for–self-discipline and self-restraint. She didn’t know about him being overweight as a child and that he’d had to do so much to be the in-shape and thin person he was today–but he still hated that she affected him so much. She didn’t mean anything when she made fun of him when he turned down her cakes and delicious treats–and he knew if she was aware of his issues she would be horrified about saying anything to him. But he was too embarrassed to bring up his past–he didn’t want anyone knowing about how he’d been, especially her. And when he finally realized that their antagonism was actually chemistry, he tried to avoid her, until he just couldn’t. Maybe if they got together and tried to burn it out, it’d go away?

Yeah, right!

When they finally both admit to their interest and get together, BAM! Sparks ignite and feelings start. Turning an antagonistic relationship into a loving one isn’t easy, and these two are more stubborn than most. Plus, they’re trying to keep their relationship under wraps because they’re not sure if it’s going to last, so they’ve got to keep up the “enemy” facade in front of everyone…

This was a heated, enemies-to-lovers romance with lots of great dialogue and plenty of great secondary characters adding fun and entertainment to the mix. I haven’t read any of the other books in the series, Take A Chance on Me or The Winner Takes It All, but I intend to. Thanks!



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