Midnight Fire (Midnight Series #7)

midcover71946-mediumAuthor: Lisa Marie Rice

Publisher: Carina Press

Rating: 4 stars

Buy Links: Carina and Amazon

Type: Novel in a Series

Provided by Publisher


Blurb: Jack Delvaux is alive…

Summer Redding thought the blindingly handsome jock who’d loved and left her years ago had died in the Washington Massacre. She grieved for her lost golden boy as the rest of the country mourned their dead—until she comes home to find a very alive Jack Delvaux waiting for her with a devastating secret that turns her life upside down.

No longer the carefree man he was in his youth, this Jack is dark, hard and dangerous; a fifteen-year veteran of the CIA hungry for answers…and hungry for her. The rich, good-looking charmer who broke her heart once before would have been easy to resist, but this man, this powerful man? Summer needs him, and he knows it.

When Jack’s mission uncovers evidence of government involvement in the Massacre—and plans for another attack—he’s primed for revenge. But he has more than vengeance to live for now, and when Summer’s life is threatened, it’s nearly Jack’s undoing. Someone taking shots at his woman? That’s a dead man walking.


Review: I love love love the Delvaux saga, and this addition to Isabel’s story is delectable. Plus it’s about a rake redeemed–or in popular, current vernacular–a trampy slut of a man-whore getting called to account by someone he used like a kleenex and tossed aside. By asking her roommate out and showing up at the door to pick her up without informing Summer first…so she thought he was there for her.


Man-whore plus rude SOB. It can only get better from there, right ladies?

If you’ve been following along, which I would suggest even though I think this story could stand on its own, you’ll know that the Washington Massacre decimated an entire family except for one member, Isabel Delvaux. At least, that’s what we knew in the last book, Midnight Secrets, until the very…last…bit.

Now we know that her brother Jack also made it out alive. And that he works for the government in a hush-hush secret agent kind of way. He’s really changed from the young, carefree Jack that he was at Harvard, before he joined the service. He’s much larger physically, for one, and he’s also much more hardened and confident. He keeps secrets, while the baby-faced Jack of before never seemed to have any. He’s also matured a lot in the romance department, not having slept with a woman for a long period of time even before his self-imposed hiatus as a dead man these last six months. But one thing about Jack that hasn’t changed is his attraction to Summer Redding, creator of the immensely popular political blog website Area 8.

Summer’s shocked to discover that she recognizes the homeless vet raising havoc outside the church she’s at for Hector Blake’s funeral. Jack Delvaux is supposed to be dead! But if he’s alive, what in the hell is going on? Why would he hide himself away, and especially–why would he let his sister believe he was dead? That would be hideously cruel.

When she gets home she’s surprised by Jack, who’s broken into her apartment. He’s obviously changed in more than appearance if he’s able to get past her alarm system! After he tells her what’s going on and why she can’t tell anyone that she’s seen him, she realizes that this is the story she absolutely MUST tell. If everyone in the country knew what was going on, they’d stop it! But Jack is afraid for their lives as well as his sister Isabel’s, so he asks her to hold off for now with the promise of a huge story later. When an attempt is made on Summer’s life, Jack realizes that she’s obviously also a target of the same people who are trying to destroy him and take over the country, so she joins him in his dangerous quest to take them out. Luckily he’s got the men and women of ASI in Portland as well as his government contracts on his side. And they’ve got some pretty significant resources at their disposal.

The Midnight Series is amazing and this book, while not my favorite, was a story I’ve been waiting a while for. The plot line was detailed, the world-building was intricate, and of course, the delicious carnality playing out in seductive word-play between Summer and Jack evolved into some hot, sexy one-on-one that steamed up my glasses. Always a great, erotic read with the alphas of Alpha Security Inc.! Thanks.


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