Head Over Heels for the Boss (Donovan Brothers #3)

headcover72138-mediumAuthor: Susan Meier

Publisher: Entangled Publishing LLC. BLISS

Rating: 4 stars

Buy Links: Entangled and Amazon 

Type: Novel

Provided by Publisher


Blurb: Isabelle Cooper’s in big, big trouble. Her flower shop? Well, it was just bought by the man she’s had a crush on forever. Her new boss, Devon Donovan, is a tall glass of melt-in-your-mouth hotness. The problem? Devon is definitely not interested in love. No ifs, ands, or buds about it.

Devon knows Isabelle has been crushing on him since college, but buying her business shouldn’t be a problem. Not only is she his employee, but as the eldest Donovan brother, he’s too busy protecting the family fortune for romance. But tomboy “Izzy” is all grown up now. And he’s finding it impossible to resist her, no matter how hard he tries…


Review: This was a great little romance, the third in the series about the Donovan brothers, and I felt a little left out not knowing what was going on but it was certainly easy to catch up. Ms Meier’s open, friendly environment in this book was a trip home for me since I’m also a small town girl; the comparisons were many and the pros and cons of such a life hilarious to remember!

Isabelle’s still embarrassed about asking the just returned from war Devon to her prom. It wasn’t just that she’d asked him, it was the rude way he turned her down that burned. Ouch! He could have at least feigned some semblance of politeness instead of acting like she was an annoyance. But the real problem is that she’s still got a crush on him, so being around him is NOT a good plan.

Devon bought the flower shop from the Coopers and planned to incorporate Isabelle into his business without thinking about the emotional repercussions to her. In fact, he didn’t even consciously remember her disastrous attempt at asking him out. So when she was conspicuously unhappy about working together, he was floored. What was there to lose for her? He’d assumed the idea would be a no-brainer. After coaxing her to just give it a try, however, he found that working with the newly nicknamed “Belle” was harder than he thought–he couldn’t take his eyes off her! His attraction to her was going to be a real problem. Even after resolving her hurt feelings about the debacle from the past, he just found it too easy to be around her and forget about work–totally not something he wanted or planned on for his life. He’d seen a bad marriage up close and personal in his parent’s and he wanted no part of one. Plus, he’d already raised a family–his sibs–and was looking forward to not having any responsibilities now that they were all old and married.

Their chemistry proves unbeatable, however, so it’s not surprise when they tumble into an “affair.” Unfortunately, as was inevitable, feelings start to build for Izzy and sure enough, Devon pulls back. Sure, she knew from the start he’d said it was just an affair and that it couldn’t go farther, but she KNEW he loved her. What was it going to take to convince him to admit it?

Devon was just as sure that he DIDN’T want to fall in love, and when the feelings started developing, his first reaction was to put a halt to it–immediately. Nothing good was going to come of it. But he also knew that Izzy deserved more. But why did the thought of her getting more with another man make him so angry?

When push comes to shove, can Devon get past the nightmares of the past to forge a new future? And can he stop Izzy from leaving in time to convince her?

I loved the ideas in this romance, and the characters were interesting and alive. Sadly, it was a fade-away when it came to sex and I am one that enjoys her sex scenes–a LOT. For me, that was a miss. However, I’m just one opinion, and lots of people like a fade-away. If you enjoy a good romance with strong components and great character building that stops at the bedroom door, then this is the book for you! Thanks.

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