Fever (Firefighter Heat #1)

cover57976-mediumAuthor: Cathryn Fox

Publisher: Season Publishing

Rating: 4 stars

Buy Links: Amazon

Type: Novella in Series

Received from Publisher


Blurb: Reporter Sara Jack has the Fever to do a story on The Hot Line. There’s no better man to help with research than Mitch Adams. The solid stud is all pro, but in Sara he’s met a woman willing to fulfill one of his fantasies—if they’re ready to accept what comes next.


Review: This is a racy, straight-up sexy erotic novella that takes you right into the action as firefighter Mitch Adams shows his moves to small town visitor Sara Jack, who’s looking for a fantasy in the big city.

Mitch and all the other firefighters at Chicago’s station 419 took turns answering desperate lady’s calls on the “Hot Line,” a special phone number they’d had hooked up in their station for women to call who needed a hot firefighter to come and take care of their “needs.” He’d given up answering it because he’d gotten burned, getting tired of women only wanting him for his image as a hot firefighter and never wanting to love the real man beneath. It had been fun at first, but now he longed for a woman who’d really see him, the man underneath. It wasn’t worth it anymore, even for free sex, to be treated as an object.

Sara Jack was tired of living in the boonies in Trenton, Iowa, working for the local paper. Visiting Chicago for her best friend’s wedding, she was determined to write a great piece that would get her noticed by Entice, a new, cool, Chicago-based magazine for “strong, sexually empowered women.” She’d noticed hot firefighter Mitch Adams–a friend of the grooms–and while attending a party at the The Hose, she’d heard about the hot line. After being assured that he was one of the firefighters who answered it, she decided to kill two birds with one stone–call Mitch….and get her story and her needs met at the same time.

When her plan works, Mitch can’t help but fall for Sara, despite warnings to avoid her from his friend, the groom Nick. But when he finds her article, describing her night with the hot firefighter, he feels betrayed. Is Sara only with him because of his job…not because of who he is inside? Is the past happening again?

Find out by reading this short, sexy novella. You won’t be sorry!

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