Dare to Rock (Dare to Love #7)

dare51x18TFbMSL._SX331_BO1,204,203,200_Author: Carly Phillips

Publisher: Carly Phillips

Rating: 4 stars

Buy Links: Amazon

Type: Novel in a Series

Provided by Publisher


Blurb: Avery Dare lives a quiet life in Miami as an online fashion/makeup video blogger. She has good friends, a close, large family and if her love life is lacking, she likes it that way. But when she receives an invitation to one of her ex’s concerts along with an invitation to meet him back stage, she decides to take the risk… and comes face to face with the reality of his rock star lifestyle – the press, the crowds, and the half naked groupies.

At eighteen, Grey Kingston left everything he knew and loved behind to seek fame and fortune as a rock star, and he found it as the lead guitarist and singer for the band, Tangled Royal. Fans adore him, women throw themselves at him, and he can afford everything he couldn’t growing up. Yet at the height of his career, he’s ready to walk away and return home to a simpler life… and the woman he left behind, if he can convince her to give him another chance.

Except moving on isn’t as easy as Grey would like. When Avery is threatened by a stalker, it becomes evident Grey’s fans not only don’t want him to retire, they don’t want Avery in his life either. And Avery isn’t sure she wants the pressures that are part of Grey’s life… but she doesn’t want to lose him again, either. Can their recently renewed love survive the fallout?


Review: These stories about the Dare family are very moving and heartbreaking at the same time. The dad of the bunch really comes across as a heartless jerk–having two families going complete with kids and never coming clean until someone from the “illegitimate” family develops cancer and needs a bone marrow transplant. He tells his “legal” family the truth and has them all tested to be donors and lucky Avery, the youngest daughter, is a match. So, at nine years old, she’s got to risk her life, undergo a surgery where they harvest her marrow, for a sister she knew nothing about, from a family she’s never known existed. That her Dad betrayed her with.

Totally sucks. Plus, her dad was way too busy staying with the sick child to ever come and check on her or even thank her for doing it.

It’s enough to give a girl abandonment issues, right?

Time hasn’t helped the relationship between the two sets of families of the Dares. A couple of them have gotten friendly and yet the central relationship, the dad and his legitimate kids, hasn’t been solved. I really still hate that man, even though he’s been played off as just a well-meaning man who was carried away by love who didn’t know how to fix it. Hmph. Anyhow, Avery has moved on and is doing really well with her fashion video blog. She’s also gotten over her high school relationship with rocker Grey Kingston until she gets an invitation to go backstage at one of his concerts. Not really sure she wants to start that up again but excited to see him, she goes and is HUGELY disappointed when she’s confronted by the sight of him draped by groupies. Ugh! She leaves in tears, sure that any feelings he had are over.

Grey is tired of the road. He’d left everything behind at eighteen to play music–including Avery–but he’s come to realize that he’d give anything for home and the companionship of someone he loved. He’s reached out to Avery but it seems like his manager Simon has got it in for him. Even though he asked him to keep all the groupies away when Avery came to meet him backstage, it seemed like there were more, especially the inflated-boob cling-on that won’t leave him alone. Of course that’s when Avery shows up and sees him. Crap! He’d wanted to convince her to get back with him and that totally sucked as a first impression of the “new” Grey!

When Grey’s group disbands, he settles in Miami and starts full-on trying to get Avery back. But they’ve got to resolve some issues first. She hates the limelight–especially after the whole scandal with her dad’s second family and her having to donate bone marrow–and Grey’s rock star past comes with 24/7 constant exposure. Plus, there’s the fact that Grey left her, with no warning, all those years ago. Avery’s fear of abandonment goes way back, and the groupies around him don’t help.

When a stalker starts preying on Avery, Grey moves her in with him and insists on protecting her. But he’s worried. Is this going to be the last straw that causes her to leave him? Is his life really too crazy for the woman he loves?

These romances are sweet and hot and the connected story lines are interesting and dynamic. I love a great serial with an interesting family story and this one is pretty darn great. I’m still not on board with the dad, Carly~





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