Charmed and Dangerous: Ten Tales of Gay Paranormal Romance and Urban Fantasy

Author: Astrid Amara, KJ Charles, Charlie Cochet, Rhys Ford, Ginn Hale, Lou Harper, Jordan L Hawk, Nicole Kimberling, Jordan Castillo Price, Andrea Speed

Publisher: JCP Books

Rating: 4.5 stars

Buy Links: Amazon

Type: Anthology

Received from Publisher

Blurb:  Magic takes many forms. From malignant hexes to love charms gone amok, you’ll find a vast array of spells and curses, creatures and conjurings in this massive collection—not to mention a steamy dose of man-on-man action. Charmed and Dangerous features all-new stories of gay paranormal romance, supernatural fiction and urban fantasy by ten top m/m paranormal authors.

Ginn Hale – Swift and the Black Dog
When Jack Swift killed a tyrant and won the revolution he became a national hero. But someone in the new government prefers dead heroes to living, swearing, cynical wizards. Caught between bullets, revenge and desire, Jack had better be swift indeed.

Jordan L. Hawk – The Thirteenth Hex
Hexman Dominic Kopecky doesn’t understand why dashing crow familiar Rook wants his help investigating murder by patent hex. For one thing, Dominic isn’t a witch. For another, the case is already closed—and someone is willing to kill to keep it that way.

Lou Harper – One Hex Too Many
Veteran detective Mike Mulligan is an expert on violent crimes—of the occult variety. He might even be cursed. Detective Hugh Fox is eager to partner up and prove himself, but Mulligan is accustomed to flying solo. Can they trust each other enough to track a killer who’ll stop at nothing, not even summoning a demon?


Review: “Swift and the Black Dog

Jack Swift isn’t exactly the hero he used to be. He never really saw himself one anyway. Jack was just young and feeling fed up with the way things were going in the world. More itching for a fight than the noble image he’s currently portrayed as in films. Jack and his band of misfit magical friends did the impossible and freed the people from a tyrant however. So with that came the accolades he never wanted bought by the blood of his friends. Now he lives off the fame of who he once was. When he’s setup for the murder of one his friends, by one of his other friends, this national hero goes on the run. He finds an ally in a handsome stranger willing to take up his new cause. Revenge and justice.

Ginn Hale is so brilliant with world building and story telling. I could practically see this world in my head. Jack was this tortured soul with a pretty wicked magical power. He calls lightening and controls it through his cigarette smoke. Jack is brooding and super sexy without trying to be. His new ally and love interest works for the government that’s trying to set him up and take him out. All the intrigue is very good in this story. Tons of magic. The romance was secondary but pretty intense given the length of the story. I liked that finding someone to care for brought out the hero in Jack and made his legend true after all. Brilliant short! I could have easily read 300 more pages of this but was also totally satisfied with what was written.

“The Thirteenth Hex”

Dominic has always wished he’d been born with the gift of being a witch. Doing magic was always his dream. Dominic is content with his life however. After all, he excels at Hexes which is a good skill to have. Hexes are used in all kinds of things in this world. Mostly for good to enhance things like fashion or medicines. One day a gorgeous man, who is also a familiar, shows up at his desk asking for his help. The half man half crow named Rook is too intriguing to deny even if he wanted to. Twelve people have been murdered from a bad hex and Rook thinks there’s more to the story than he’s been told. From the moment he says yes to Rook, Dominic’s life changes forever.

This story drew me in from the first page. Rook was so confident and sexy. Dominic is more practical but very smart and good at what he does. More the unexpected hero type. They fall for each other pretty quickly but it totally worked for them in that they were meant to be together way. I thought the magic and hexes mixed in with detective work was pretty interesting. I loved the fun characters and their animal halves. This had some really intriguing world building. A good murder mystery. I loved the couple together and as individuals. This one has the most romance of any of the shorts I’m reviewing. The writing as always was excellent! This was an absolute must read IMO. Hopefully there’s more to come from Dominic and Rook! They’re too delicious for just one go.

“One Hex Too Many

Despite usually working alone because he thinks he’s cursed, Detective Mike Mulligan is assigned a new partner, Hugh Fox. Hugh has been on the regular human force until now but solving crimes of the occult opens up a whole new world with more possibilities for bad guys. They’re called to the scene of a murder that reeks of dark magic. Something seriously taboo in the world of magic. Together they have to solve the crime with little to no clues while figuring out how to work with each other.

This one was a pretty good murder mystery. It was missing some sizzle in the romance department IMO. It wasn’t there and then it was. I almost thought there wouldn’t be a love story in this one over half way through. The last 15 pages of this story were pretty intense. I enjoyed the little glimpse into Mike’s history with dark magic and how that all worked out. I thought the world building was pretty interesting. There’s the subtle humor I’ve come to love by this author. I’m completely intrigued by Leslie the Fae assistant extraordinaire! I must know more. A really good supernatural mystery featuring a couple I’d love to keep reading stories about. Surely some more baddies need to be busted by Mike and Hugh?

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    The best-laid plans of mice and men often go awry .
    I said I would post the reviews for the Charmed and Dangerous anthology from It’s About The Book as they became available. It was the plan, but sometimes real life gets in the way. I had also planned on reading this scrumptious book today while drinking coffee but again life had other plans. I did sneak in some time and read Dim Sum Asylum by Rhys Ford. I loved the world this short story is set in. There are dragons too. 🙂
    Happy reading,

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