Ironbound Kisses

Author: Jessica Walsh

Publisher: Dreamspinner Press

Rating: 4 stars

Buy Links: DSP and Amazon

Type: Novella

Received from Publisher


Blurb: Don’t talk to him. For all intents and purposes, he doesn’t exist.

Thomas knows the rules when he takes a job with the circus, but he can’t stop thinking about the strange young man hidden away in the manager’s trailer. After a chance meeting with Isle, Thomas is even more intrigued, despite Isle’s warnings. As his obsession with Isle grows, Thomas vows to solve the mystery surrounding him and rescue him from his prison. But nothing is what it seems—especially not Isle—and Thomas is left unable to trust his own mind. Amidst the sparkles and illusions of the big top, Thomas can’t tell whether the spell he’s falling under is love… or something very different. He just knows he has to have Isle, and he’ll do things he never imagined himself capable of to get him.


Review: This was my first book by this author and it didn’t disappoint. I was drawn into the story within the first few pages. There’s something very intriguing about the circus. It’s supposed to be this magical place but I can’t help but look towards the darker more sinister possibilities. This book has a little of both mixed with some paranormal. I was pretty impressed with how unique and well written this book was.

This novella is told from the POV of Thomas. A drifter who picks up odd jobs where ever he can. The type of work suits Thomas and it’s 3 meals a day. If only he could ignore the beautiful young man he catches glimpses of around camp. He’s warned off speaking to them guy but there’s something sad about him that calls to Thomas. Bringing him into trouble he did not need but Thomas can’t resist the need to do what’s right.

The romance here was pretty quick and literally magical. There was kind of an ominous tone to the couple’s future but Thomas’ determination kept me hoping for the best until the end. I really liked Thomas. He was a simple man. Not a lot of back story or character building. He was presented as a hard working good guy who just wasn’t meant for a “normal” job or life. There weren’t a lot of words needed for me to get him which was great. I was engaged without being bogged down in details. This helped move the story along to the angelic like guy and his secrets. How meeting him changed Thomas’ life forever.

I’ve tried really hard not to spoil even though I think it’s all pretty obvious given the title of the book and the secret. If you like romantic fantasy you’ll enjoy this quick read. The writing is lovely. The storytelling feels effortless. I was drawn into the world and my feelings about the boy fell right in with Thomas’. This story was totally worth taking the time to read. Fantasy novellas don’t always feel complete but this story did. I liked it!

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