Her Boss’s Best Friend

rr_herbosssbestfriendAuthor: Reghan Ross

Publisher: Loose ID

Rating: 3.5 stars

Buy Links: LId and Amazon

Type: Novel

Provided by Publisher


Blurb: Administrative Assistant Jami Pantano thinks her boss, Tyree James, is super sexy. She knows she can’t touch him; going to bed with him would destroy her career. While still fighting her feelings for Ty, Jami meets her friend Gia’s brother, Gage, at a party to launch Gia’s new fantasy business. Gia plays matchmaker: she gives Jami and Gage a free trip together. It’s an immediate success: Jami loves Gage’s sweet sexiness, and she falls for him quickly.

Gage soon discovers Jami likes his dirty talk and adventurous bedroom ways, and it makes him bold to propose a threesome. It doesn’t take long to convince her that his best friend, TJ, is just the man.

Home from their trip, they plan a night together for the three of them. Having been blindfolded for the sex-play, Jami has no idea that TJ is her boss Tyree. But TJ has known exactly who she was from the moment he walked in the room. Guilt-ridden over taking advantage, TJ decides to apologize but before he can, Jami discovers her mystery lover is actually her boss.

As if an unexpected sex with her boss isn’t complication enough, her ex has it in for her, and now she might be falling in love. With her boss and his best friend.


Review: Sometimes erotica works for me and sometimes it doesn’t. I really enjoy the chase, the push and pull of two people playing a game they’re both going to win, and the sexy banter that often comes with that. There’s nothing more delicious than the sensations of falling into lust and love with another human being. That’s why we read romance! When an author can draw us into that luscious haze of emotional intimacy, it makes for an amazing and sensual read that’s totally captivating. But sometimes you just can’t go the whole way, and that’s what happened to me with this book.

I loved the initial meeting between Gage and Jami. Their relationship was developed nicely with the trip and their getting together sexually. She really seemed to like him and he was obviously attracted to her. And I could see the build-up of their relationship and that if she let it, it was going to go somewhere.

Plus, I know that she had a really great relationship with her boss TJ. You could see it in their conversations and how he leaned on her for advice. The friendship between Gage and TJ was there also, but they hadn’t shared for some time, so that connection was not tight enough. There usually is some abiding link, some inability to perform without the other in these kinds of situations. I just didn’t feel the intensity, the NEED for lack of a better term. It just didn’t feel important enough.

The connection between the three of them just didn’t work for me–I saw the separate pieces but couldn’t see the whole. It reminds me of my Yoga teacher, who always says, “If you don’t get the spiritual meaning behind the moves, you’re just doing exotic exercises.” I felt like these three characters were doing the exotic exercises but there was no emotional depth to their connection. Enjoyable read but no emotional impact for me.







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