Author: Ashley John

Publisher: Self

Rating: 4 stars

Buy Links: Amazon

Type: Standalone Novel

Received from Publisher


Blurb:  After years of travelling the world using his trust fund, college-dropout Joshua Silverton returns to London to discover two shocking truths; his estranged and wealthy father has been dead for over a year and he left his fortune to a total stranger. Joshua soon meets the man who stole his inheritance and even though he expects to hate Ezra Steele, he can’t ignore the strange attraction he suddenly feels towards him.

Bill Silverton saved Ezra Steele from his troubled past when he signed Silverton Tower over to him on his deathbed. Ezra now has the house, the business, the cars, the money and a different man in his bed every night. It’s a life he wants to cling to, so when Bill’s gorgeous son unexpectedly turns up and demands he hand everything back, his life is turned upside down in more ways than one.


A need to finally prove himself to his dead father forces Joshua to challenge Ezra but will he be able to ignore the attraction in order to be ruthless? Ezra tries to keep his enemies close by getting Joshua into his bed but as history catches up with him, he is forced to face himself. They are both running from their past, so in a battle between head and heart, Joshua and Ezra must choose what is more important – money or each other.


Review:  This is a story about men who grew up in very different places and how their lives get tangled up. Joshua was brought up the privileged son of one of London’s most rich and powerful men. Ezra was the accident of a druggie mother who grew up poor in Hackney. Ezra worked his way into Silverton Tower and to the side of Joshua’s father, Bill. Joshua ran from it. Joshua bucks all responsibility and travels the world using up his trust fund. Until It runs out and he had to go ask his dad for more. He’s back in London briefly for his best friend’s wedding. Then he learns his father has died and left all his money and the company to someone he doesn’t know. Hurt and angry he goes on a binder and meets Ezra. The two have no idea who the other is the first night they meet. Ezra is extremely cocky and so sure he can pull Joshua. Joshua doesn’t sleep with guys and resists Ezra’s charms initially but when Ezra wants something he gets it. The two soon learn who the other really is which complicates things because they both can’t help wanting the other. There’s a struggle for power and money between them that should keep them apart but that’s easier said than done.

These characters were pretty frustrating. Joshua loves to stick his head in the sand and avoid avoid avoid! He also loves to jump to conclusions. Makes bad decisions. He’s a spoiled little rich kid who is forced to grow up and finally take charge of his life. He’s also pretty angry. Joshua has to face all the things he ran away from when he loses his money. Ezra has a very sad and troubled past. He’s created this tough as nails sex god persona that works quite nicely in part with all the money he can throw around after inheriting the Silverton fortune. There’s quite a bit of guilt and shame behind all of that bravado he never lets anyone see. Ezra’s character was meant to be this suave overly confident guy who could have and does have anyone he wants. He even refers to himself as “Ezra Steele” which is pretty obnoxious. His ego is huge and Joshua not giving into him was a turn on for Ezra. It intrigued him when so many others throw themselves at him. He hasn’t been told no in a while. So Ezra pursues Joshua. Joshua resists. Ezra persists. Joshua struggles with his attraction to Ezra given he’s taken all his money and he’s a man. Ezra hasn’t ever been this interested in one of his lovers before. There’s some trust issues that don’t help things any. Greed, deception and doubt also play their roles in keeping these guys from falling for each other.

The characters in this book were pretty dramatic at times but I felt they made for an interesting read. Their romance could have felt a little insta love if Joshua didn’t fight it so damn hard. Ezra was in it from the start. Most of this book relies on Joshua being stubborn to keep the couple apart. This being Joshua’s first physical relationship with a man was well written I think. It wasn’t the main focus but it did make for a little added confusion on Joshua’s part. Violet and Levi were fun secondary characters. Ezra was the broken one that was also the one offering up so much of himself to Joshua was the most intriguing for me however. He was vulnerable but brave. Yes he was a cocky sort but when it came to loving Joshua he was putting it all out there. Pretty good contemporary romance.

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