Takes the Cake

lc_takesthecakeAuthor: Lynn Chantale

Publisher: Loose ID

Rating: 4 stars

Buy Links: LID and Amazon

Type: Novella

Provided by Publisher


Blurb: Liz Arnold can’t believe her good fortune when she’s asked to cater one of the biggest and most prestigious weddings of the year. Not only is the location perfect, but working with the bride is a dream. But her dream job quickly turns into a nightmare when the bride’s brother Keegan keeps pushing to change the cake. Yet whenever she’s in his presence all she can think about is being skin-to-skin.

Keegan Murphy is determined to make his sister’s wedding the talk of the town, but that can’t happen with a plain and unimaginative cake. He doesn’t anticipate the instant attraction he has for Liz, but he has no problem seeking out every opportunity to seduce her.

Liz’s not there for pleasure; she has a wedding to save. But will salvaging the wedding cost her a relationship she shouldn’t have started in the first place?


Review: This sweet little confection of a tale was delicious. Hot, sexy and filled with food metaphors, I loved the two main characters and rooted for them the whole way through.

Liz has a budding catering business and it’s gotten a big shot in the arm from this wedding. If she could only get the bride’s brother to leave her alone! Just because she and Keegan had a relationship in the past doesn’t mean she wants him around her now. But he just.doesn’t.get.the.hint!

Keegan lost Liz because he’d put his soccer career first–he’d been consumed with it! A bad injury had ended it in an instant, however, and he’d had few friends there to console him when it happened. Which only made him realize what he’d lost in Liz even more. Now he’s determined to get her back in his life for good–but how can he when she’s ignoring him?

Normally wedding plans are set in stone, but for some reason this wedding is imploding! As Liz and the others working on it scramble to adjust, Keegan sees some time to fix everything. With Liz staying at the estate, can he romance her into changing her mind about him?

That’s not the only relationship question up in the air in this short novella about second chance romance–but you’ll need to read it to know more. Keegan must have been a real a$$ in the past but he’s certainly playing his A-game now in his attempt to woo the reluctant Liz back into his arms. Great, sexy story about two characters that must have been a hoot to write because they were amazing to read. Thanks!



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