In the Fast Lane (A Hard Driving Book)

fastcover65400-mediumAuthor: Audra North

Publisher: St. Martin’s Paperbacks

Rating: 4 stars

Buy Links: Amazon

Type: Novel in Series

Provided by Publisher


Blurb: Racing is in Kerri Hart’s blood; it’s the family business, literally. But Hart Racing is in dire financial straits, and as the only female rookie driver, all the sponsorship offers she gets seem to involve push-up bras and unzipped racing suits. Not the message she wants to send to her young fans.

When Ranger Colt pops up on her headset while she’s prepping for a major race, she’s pissed, telling him to get off her channel. She’s angrier still when she learns that her brother Grady has made a deal with Colt Hardware, selling them a significant stake in Hart Racing.

So she’s got no choice but to work with him. Fine. Things get even worse when Kerri’s image takes a nose-dive (thanks to a moronic ex-boyfriend). Before she knows it, Kerri and Ranger are fake-engaged for the sake of the team. She really loathes Ranger– like, can’t keep their hands off each other loathes him. Will what started as a fake relationship blossom into real feelings for each other?


Review: I really enjoyed reading about Kerri Hart and Ranger Colt, the female Indy race car driver and the business executive who’s taken over her family’s company in this turbo-charged, hot and sexy romance. What’s not to love? You’ve got a gorgeous, accomplished woman who’s got adrenaline in her veins and a love of family in her heart clashing with an alpha man who needs control to feel alive, who’s all about the bottom line–money. Match made in heaven? Or going by their hate-at-first-sight, match destined to fail? You be the judge.

Kerri’s family has had a hard time coping since her father’s death. It’s made her brother Grady, who’s been in charge of the racing business, have to make some drastic changes–one of which has really put her in a bind. Grady’s sold part of the business to Colt Enterprises–a company she hates because when they’d asked to sponsor her earlier, they’d wanted her to glam it up–something she’d hated the thought of. She just wants to be able to race! Being the first female race car driver carries a lot of responsibility–and using her femininity wasn’t part of it. She wanted to prove that women could do the same things men did because of their strengths and skills–not that women were pretty and needed to be objectified. She wanted to stress that her SKILLS had gotten her where she was, not her looks. So she’s appalled when she finds out what Grady’s done. Meeting Ranger is a surprise, and she’s relieved when she finds out this deal is different. But when Ranger suggests an unusual strategy to help rehab her image in the public’s eye, she absolutely hates it…kinda.

Ranger Colt has an ax to grind–he’s out for revenge against his father, who’d abandoned him and his mother when he was a baby. Left dirt poor, they’d struggled until he’d been able to get a job and take care of them. Now he’s very successful, and through a series of events, he’s working for his dad. He’s just this close to a coveted promotion, and he’s sent to make-over this failing racing car company. What? Before long, he’s reveling in the family atmosphere that surrounds this company and falling in love with the beautiful driver. But he’s got to leave when the company is fixed. What then? And what about his plans for getting back at his dad?

Find out how these two characters who are seemingly looking for such different things find their answer in…each other? Maybe?

Loved the writing, the plot, and the smoking hot sex. This book is a winner from start to finish line! Thanks.



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