Rising Frenzy (Men of Myth #2)

Author: Brandon Witt

Publisher: DSP Publications

Rating: 3 stars

Buy Links: DSPP and Amazon

Type: Novel in a Series

Received from Publisher


Blurb: 2nd Edition

Heartbroken, angry, and hurting, warlock Finn de Morisco feels darkness growing inside, altering every aspect of his life. There are moments when the man he used to be seems to have been devoured completely. Retreating from his family and everything he once held dear, Finn attempts to escape the despair left in the wake of Brett’s rejection—only to find dangers he never knew existed.

Still struggling with the decision to leave everything he knew behind, Brett Wright is swept into a maelstrom as he searches for his place within his newly discovered family. Life beneath the surface of the ocean should have been unlike anything he’s ever known, yet prejudice over his demon ancestry and homosexuality follows him. Even the existence he begins to build may not last as those he is learning to love face extinction.

This review will contain some spoilers about book one, so continue at your own risk if you haven’t read it.


Review:  I feel like book 1 was a Urban Fantasy book with a pretty strong romantic story line throughout. The MCs fall hard and fast in the face of danger. I was intrigued to read more about what Brett’s lineage was and why he was so powerful. Why a fire demon felt so at home in the water? I understood why this vampire wanted him so bad. Brett always seemed more screwed up to me. Finn seemed like he had it together. He was raised with full knowledge of his power. Has a family that fully supports him. Brett had no one but Sonia. Finn was just a good guy. He helped Brett with his new found powers. Never wavered from supporting the stranger that brought so much danger into their lives. I thought they were pretty sound as a couple. They professed love and risked their lives for each other. Guess I was wrong. This book was basically told from both Finn and Brett’s POV after the split and ended up feeling like two different stories. 400 pages later and the guys never spoke a word to each other. Both men have resolved to just go on about their lives. I did find this rather disappointing. So to be fair I’ll review both of their POVs differently.

Brett’s POV

Book 1 of this series ended with a cliff hanger. Which I don’t mind. Brett ran off half crazed to find a demon. Well he finds him and then he finds his daddy. Which answers the question of why Brett has always loved the ocean. I knew when Brett ran off he had some things to learn about himself and I get that. Some self discovery was probably needed considering his entire world was turned upside down. I did not however think Brett would hide away in the sea with homophobic mermen for the rest of his life. Brett had some daddy issues to work out I guess. And once again he’s a disappointment to the man in his family because he’s attracted to men. Brett feels he has nowhere else to go. He thinks he has to escape his former life because his presence means putting Finn and his family in danger. However he doesn’t really know that the vampire will leave them alone. He just heads off on his quest without much thought of those he left behind. I wasn’t as intrigued by Brett and the Mer people as I thought I’d be. Probably because it didn’t seem at all connected to the previous book. More like another separate story about a character from book one. I realize events in this book will come into play later but this portion of the book felt overly long and didn’t really add much to the story IMO. The only connection I could make to the life Brett left behind is the Mer disappearing which is obviously going to come up again later.

Finn’s POV

Oh boy did Brett break Finn. Finn seemed to have a complete personality change. From nice guy and having his shit together. To having orgies in public while doing a drug called SPOR. Ignoring his family and acting reckless. I get he was hurt and wallowing but I just didn’t see Finn from book 1 falling this far. He also didn’t really seem all that worried about it or anyone. He just had to be at the Square acting like all those supes he used to look down on. Even after he’s come to his senses, the voice from the Square is still talking to him. Telling him how pathetic he is but drawing him into the nastiness that is the Square. While I didn’t really get the why Finn needed to go off the deep end, this part of the story felt much more connected to book 1 for me. Probably because it was set in the same places with the same characters. It also brought us the slutty but fun fairy Schwint. While I do like him, book 1 made me believe it should be Brett and Finn together so I never really warmed to the idea of Finn screwing Schwint while pining for Brett. Probably my issue but my brain just doesn’t work that way. And I certainly didn’t see Finn falling in love with him that quickly. Finn’s confusion in the love department aside, I did enjoy the return of the vampires in this portion of the story. They’re what gives it that scary vibe that I missed so much in Brett’s POV.

I didn’t love this one. Best part of the story were the parts about Sonia for me and those were pretty brief. I’m really hoping after reading book 3 more of book 2 will piece together because I ended this book feeling like I didn’t know much more than I did at the beginning of the book. Which was pretty frustrating considering how long this book is. I know Rising Frenzy isn’t considered a romance but book one had a pretty strong romance going on that was absent in this one. The story just didn’t feel cohesive. I noticed this was a second edition release of this story. Looks like they added 60 plus pages to the book so I don’t know what was added from the first edition or how that effects my take on the book. I just know this one didn’t work for me. Too long and too much of the story felt disconnected from book 1. 😦 If I had felt some grand web was being woven for me I’d feel better about it but I just got the feeling this was more about exploring sides of the characters vs moving the story along.

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