Deep (Stage Dive #4)

deepcover63924-mediumAuthor: Kylie Scott

Publisher: Pan Macmillan

Rating: 4.5 stars

Buy Links: Amazon

Type: Novel in Series

Received from Publisher


Blurb: In the city of sin, you have to go big or go home…

Ben Nicholson is the only man that has ever made ordinary girl Lizzy Rollins feel both completely safe and crazy with desire. The problem is, Ben is the irresistibly sexy bass player for Stage Dive, and, no matter how much Lizzy may wish otherwise, he’s only looking for a good time. Besides, Lizzy doesn’t stand a chance – not unless she can get him to see beyond the fact that she’s his bandmate’s little sister.
When Lizzy finds herself in trouble in Las Vegas, Ben is there to bail her out. But after one big mistake, the two quickly learn that what happens in Vegas, doesn’t always stay there. Now Lizzy and Ben are connected in the deepest way possible…but will it lead to something more?


Review: I absolutely love Kylie Scott’s series about the band Stage Dive, and this fourth book left me with no less of an emotional book hangover than the ones before. They are highly sensual and emotional tales of lonely, sensitive people who’ve been through difficult times and hard losses but find ways to channel that through music. Each bandmate has had a story of their own and this is the last one about bass player Ben Nicholson, the most solid seeming one of the bunch. He’s held the group together through overdoses and excessive behavior, but beneath his calm demeanor lies another Ben–the one who actually needs someone. Who actually has feelings. What it takes to bring them out is Lizzy.

Lizzy’s sister Anne is involved with Mal, the drummer in the band Stage Dive. When she first started dating him, she brought Lizzy to a show. Lizzy was electrified by the bass player in the band, Ben, and he was really attracted to her too–until he realized who she was and how old she was. She didn’t know at the time, but he’d also gotten warned off of her by Malcolm. But she got his number through one of the girlfriends and started texting him. After a hesitant start, Ben started texting back, and their relationship grew over a couple of months–a funny, sexy friendship. Ben kept saying that he shouldn’t be talking to her, and that he was so much older –twenty-nine to her twenty– and that he wasn’t a relationship kind of guy.

But Ben was as drawn to Lizzy as she was to him. When they meet in Vegas for Anne and Mal’s wedding, against his better impulses, they hook up. Talk about regrets! Ben zoomed out of there with his a$$ on fire, obviously wishing it’d never happened.

But when there are consequences down the road, will Ben come back? Will the king of cool, the one with no follow-through in relationships, actually commit? Be someone she can count on? And at that point, will Lizzy even want him anymore?

These novels are so touching, so endearing, I almost want to reach into them and slap these people upside the head. I feel like I know them, like I can say, “Stop being such a fu@$kup!” Kylie Scott has made me feel like I’m intimately familiar with all of these characters, writing with such depth and warmth and forgiveness about each one of them that you feel like you’re in a super secret club with them, best buddies at this game of life. The sex scenes are steamy hotness, the character development is amazingly great, and the happily-ever-afters bring that bad boy home. ~sigh~ Good stuff, Ms. Scott. Loved this book!



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