Best Laid Plans

Author: Willa Okati

Publisher: Loose Id

Rating: 3 stars

Buy Links: LId and Amazon

Type: Novel

Received from Publisher


Blurb:  Teddy and Jefferson get along like a house on fire. Literally. Jefferson’s a serious-natured soccer star, and Teddy was born to party till the wheels come off. Oh, they might have jerked it a few times thinking about each other, but they’ll burn this mother to the ground before they ever get along. The only thing they have in common are their friends—Jefferson’s buddy Emmett, and Teddy’s BFF Noelani. Emmett’s just blown all his savings on a house near campus, and he needs tenants to help make the monthly payments. That’s where Teddy and Jefferson come in. Hey, anything’s better than the dorms.

So far so good. Until Noelani’s former fiancé Beau—also Emmett’s former best friend—rolls back into town. Panicked over the return of their old feelings for the rough-riding badass, Noelani and Emmett decide the only sensible ‘save’ is to get married. Of course. Teddy and Jefferson both know that’s a bad idea, and that those two are going to need their friends more than ever. That means only one thing: no choice but to raise the white flag and join forces.

Pros: free rein for sexual hijinks in the name of ‘getting along’. Cons: Easier said than done.

Despite it all, Teddy and Jefferson are also discovering that they have more fun fighting with each other than they would kissing anyone else. Maybe—maybe—they’re falling in love. But when Beau reveals the real reason for his return and everything turns topsy-turvy for everyone involved, is their new alliance strong enough to save the day?


Review:  This book was a big jumble of likes and dislikes. There was plenty of humor but at times it felt forced or too much. The book was set up with the promise of the trope enemies to lovers, which I love but I didn’t really understand why they didn’t like each other in the first place. Other than Teddy is redheaded and has a quick temper. Jefferson never really seems to do anything worthy of Teddy’s hate besides mouthing off here or there. There was also a secondary love story that seemed to take over the book too often for my liking.

Teddy is offered a room in his best friend’s boyfriend’s new home he recently purchased just off campus. He’s very excited about the new place until he learns the boyfriend’s, Emmett, best friend is also moving into the other apartment for rent. Teddy can’t stand Jefferson. He’s a big hunky, muscly jock and Teddy thinks he’s constantly turning up his nose at him. Teddy is a pretty little redheaded twink who has a HUGE personality and a quick temper. They have one thing in common. They both love their best friends. So they call a truce and even form an alliance when it looks like their besties are having relationship is having troubles. Which mostly revolves around the EX who is back after running off on Teddy’s best friend Noelani.

In theory this book sounds great. I did like it but it missed more than it hit for me. Best thing I can say about this book is there is lots of humor. However it felt over done at times. Also I had to reread several parts because I just wasn’t following the character’s conversations or train of thought. It felt like it was trying to be witty at times but left out critical pieces of the joke or deep without necessary information. The secondary love story was pretty obvious from the start. Also that Teddy and Jefferson are perfect for each other but don’t realize it. They’re all supposed to know each other so well. There’s all these comments and looks that you know mean something but somebody else in the story doesn’t get it. I felt it was all pretty obvious but it just never clicks in the character’s heads. So much of this story depends on the characters being oblivious or in denial of their feelings and actions. This didn’t bother me nearly as much as Teddy’s over the top personality. I usually love a know it all big mouth sexy twink’s POV but he was a lot to take. Like he waves his flag high and proud but then gets pissy when somebody remarks on it. Or when Jefferson remarks on it. Luckily for poor Jefferson Teddy gets over it because the two do fall for each other. Teddy just lost me a few too many times with his rants and overreactions. There were points when I had no idea WTH he was talking about or how his reactions were fair to Jefferson who was trying to get along a lot harder than Teddy was.

This wasn’t a bad story. There are plenty of laughs and I did like Jefferson and most of the time Teddy. I think I’d just need breathers from him and his explosive attitude. The sex scenes were smoking and the guys definitely had chemistry. This was a pretty light read. It’s one of those books where the MC is bigger than life and so clever but so oblivious at the same time. I can’t say I loved it but I’m not unhappy I read it.

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