Bombshell (Men of Sanctuary #3)

dsc_menofsanctuary_bombshellAuthor: Danica St. Como

Publisher: Loose ID

Rating: 4.5 stars

Buy Links: Loose ID & Amazon

Type: Novel in Series

Received from Publisher


Blurb: After a volcanic one-night stand at a symposium in L.A., a demolitions expert finds herself partnered with her sexual nemesis, former Navy SEAL explosives expert turned local law enforcement officer. They butt heads during an FBI operation based out of Sanctuary, a paramilitary training camp well hidden in the wilds of New England.

MacBride, sheriff of Catamount Lake, and Keko Holokai, owner of a demolition company and its lead explosives expert, create sparks of the wrong kind as they struggle to discover who paid a local recluse to build a special explosive device—the same type of device that killed Keko’s father—and why.

How can they possibly solve what might be a national security issue, when they can’t stand to be in the same room together?

The same bed? That’s another story.


Review: Holy $hit, Danica St. Como can write a HOT, sexy book! I thought the cover was pretty cheesy but what’s inside is definitely NOT. The story is engaging, the plot is convoluted and suspenseful, and the sex is smoking hot with two characters who are totally into each other but somehow didn’t get each other’s names. And we’ve got a front seat to to the action when they meet up again for the second act. Hot damn! Who doesn’t love a sexy alpha ex-S.E.A.L. who’s taken a job in a rural Maine town and teamed up with two other ex-military men in smoking out the bad guys?

Or is it just me?

Keko Holokai’s father John Larsson was an ex-S.E.A.L. and explosives expert who’d built a business building explosives. He’d included Keko from the ground up, and she’s been running the business since his death. Attending a conference in LA when word came that a bomb with the same signature as the one that had killed him had been found, she and her assistant Kamaka immediately rerouted their flights going home to Boston to head to rural Maine to examine it. They needed to study it for its unique features. If there was a bomb out there with a second timing switch, that would be incredibly destructive to the whole LEO community at large, military and civilian.

While at the conference in LA, Keko’d had a crazy, balls-to-the-wall one night stand with a handsome guy. She’d snuck out of his room in order to make her flight, and thought she’d never see him again. And they hadn’t exchanged names–they’d kind of been in a hurry. And drinking. Well, apparently fate had another thought. When she arrived in Maine at the site of the explosion, she was stunned to find the one-night stand of her dreams there–and his name was Brian MacBride.

So now Keko not only has to battle the FBI, the local law enforcement, and all the men who don’t believe that the demolitions expert from Larsson’s company is a WOMAN–she’s got to battle her own explosive feelings of attraction to this big lunk of a law enforcement officer who’s determined to get in her way and “protect her.” Which absolutely boils her blood. She can protect herself, dammit! Plus, they’re all trying to find out what group is trying to build a bomb with a second kill switch so that they can stop them before they are successful.

Our national security is in jeopardy…

I haven’t read the others in the series, but I don’t think that it hurt my enjoyment of this book in any way. But I’ll tell you, I enjoyed the heat and intensity of this one so much that I’m planning on buying the other two as soon as possible so I can catch up. Great suspenseful writing, hot smoking sex scenes, and character development that makes you feel like you are invested in the story. Thanks Danica!


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