Ripped (Blood Money #2)

cover62572-mediumAuthor: Edie Harris

Publisher: Carina Press

Rating: 4 stars

Buy Links: Carina & Amazon

Type: Novel in Series

Received from Publisher


Blurb: Attorney and political heavyweight Tobias Faraday is the Ice King, a man alone in the eye of a deadly storm. And in the wake of his sister’s torture, he’s out for blood.

The key to Tobias’s revenge is the disavowed British spy he’s kept imprisoned for weeks. Chandler McCallister can get him behind enemy lines in Russia, but the clever double-agent has a demand of her own before she puts her life on the line in the name of redemption.

Posing as Chandler’s boyfriend at an aristocratic wedding in the English countryside won’t kill Tobias. Not in theory.

As the threat of Moscow looms larger and the enemy reveals himself to be crueler than any human can imagine, Tobias reluctantly partners with his prisoner to derail the immediate threat—to their families, to Faraday Industries, and to their lives. What he finds in the process is a feverish, relentless need already melting the ice from his veins.


Review: Reading more like an espionage novel than a romance, this tightly woven book was a thriller from start to finish.

In the spy game, American operator Tobias Farraday was more of an operations man, the intellectual who didn’t get his hands dirty in the field. British Chandler McCallister had been an M16 operative for a long time, and her last stint in Russia had taken her too close to the edge–closer than she’d wanted to stay. At the end of the first book in the series, Chandler had been imprisoned by the Farraday’s, interrogated for information about their sister Beth’s whereabouts. Now removed from there, tarted up for show, she was now being used as a pawn to gain Tobias entrance into a Russian mob, Polnoch’ Pulya, so that he could avenge his sister’s imprisonment and almost-death.

But first, there was the matter of her payment. In order for Chandler to agree to go back to Russia–a suicide mission for her–she wants to attend her twin sister Pip’s wedding. She also wants Tobias to use all his resources to keep the fiancee from finding out about their father–a notorious serial killer. Tobias reluctantly agrees to attend as her plus-one, protecting her and controlling his asset at the same time–and also sets his hounds on the P.I.s circling the event. Unfortunately, that’s far from the worst problem Chandler discovers at the bucolic wedding estate. She uncovers secrets surrounding her sister’s fiancée–ones that link him to the mob she’s going to face in Russia. Why does he know the Russian enforcer, The Priest? And how is she going to make it out of the wedding party alive?

Fate throws these two together in a battle to survive the worst the Russian mob can throw at them…and a couple of surprises along the way.

I really hated that I hadn’t read the first in the series–it hamstringed me!  I didn’t know why Chandler had been imprisoned, I didn’t understand the history, and I felt really out of the loop. It would have been so much better if I had read the first one. However, the characters were great if a little melodramatic, I loved the writing, the sexy times were awesome, and thougho I found her description of Tobias to be a little disingenuous–I really liked him. Thanks for the intriguing read! I’m off to read the first one now 🙂

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