cb_untouchableAuthor: Chelsea Brighton

Publisher: Loose Id

Rating: 3.5 stars

Buy Links: LId and Amazon

Type: Novel

Received from Publisher


Blurb: Tyler Denniger’s perfect life as a professional ballplayer ended the moment he was set alight. Scarred and alone he returns home to find a smokin’ hot redhead living in a one-way glass apartment inside his house. Mel is curvy, flexible, and sometimes naked, yet she remains stubbornly beyond reach. Touching her becomes his obsession, but the glass surrounding her is unbreakable. What they need is a glory hole. He could pleasure her through it while remaining unseen.

Hot sex with a stranger—through a hole in the wall—isn’t what Mel signed up for. Does she want it? Hell yeah, but she’s never even seen Ty. Pressing up against her apartment wall to accept an orgasm under those circumstances would be wrong. Ty sounds hot, he writes great letters, but he could literally be anyone. Dear God, Ty says he’s scarred and damaged but she’ll have the freedom to imagine him however she wishes; is there a person alive who could resist that kind of temptation?


Review: As anyone on my blog can tell you, I was absolutely smitten with the idea of this naughty, intriguing novel. What a slightly pervy, sexy and fun idea! I felt deliciously kinky, thinking of this voyeuristic fantasy–a wounded, formerly fantastic-looking man, now scarred, watching a gorgeous woman in his home–solely provided for his viewing pleasure. And with her angle, I thought she’d be adamantly opposed to any fraternization and stubbornly deny her feelings. And he would be lost in hatred toward women. Two stubborn people, slowly losing their minds to the haze of desire and need…


Melissa Cambridge has made a living based off of a horrible experience she had as a teenager–trapped in bad conditions, forced to submit to depraved requests in order to keep a job she desperately needed. After making it through that experience and living to tell the tale, she’s become a crusader for lost voices, the silent victims who can’t complain. She finds untenable jobs, ones that seem like they are going to exploit people–especially women–put them a significant risk and disadvantage, physically and mentally–and then she exposes them in a spectacular book with full media exposure, bringing light to darkness, showing in vivid detail what was once unseen. At the taping of a reality show, she’s approached with an intriguing proposition by a man who’s acting as an agent for a “private” individual–it seems like the perfect opportunity for her next book. Will she accept?

Tyler Denniger was a famous athlete until he became INfamous for his girlfriend’s descent into madness. She set him on fire and he’s completely disfigured now. After a year in a hospital, he’s going home for the first time. Depressed and still in pain, there’s not a lot to look forward to. His agent, Dean, is one of the few people he’s kept around him, and Dean has set up an internal motivation–a beautiful woman living in a glass house, completely contained within his large home. He’ll be able to see her but she can’t see him. He can enjoy the company of another person, look at her, pass notes with her, but not worry about her touching or seeing him with his healing skin. Perfect, right? But what happens when he wants more? He never thought it would happen, but at a certain point, he becomes so attracted to her that he thinks he would do anything to be able to touch her, smell her, lay beside her…

How well can you know someone without seeing them? Mel has to decide. Ty seems very real and kind in his journals to her, but will how he looks change how she feels about him? She’s fallen in love with the person she’s met in his words, but will reality change that? What can she trust?

Ty is able to share his feelings and his fear with Mel in his journals, and his ability to see her clearly in the glass house has only emphasized the connection he feels to her. But that’s when she can’t see him. Will her willingness to be with him change if she sees the way he looks now? Will his disfiguring scars change the way she sees him right now in her heart? He has too much at stake to risk finding out…

For a man who’s afraid to show himself physically and a woman who can’t trust emotionally, the walls of that glass house become pretty fragile.

What happens when they break is not what you’d expect.

An interesting plot and sexy shenanigans carry this book through to it’s unusual but happy ending. While I was disappointed with some aspects of the characters, their story was emotionally realistic and honest–two damaged people working through their issues  together. Enjoyed the fact that they got to know each other through journals–nice touch. Thanks!


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