Forever For Now

Author: Scotty Cade

Publisher: Dreamspinner Press

Rating: 4 stars

Buy Links: DSP and Amazon

Type: Novella

Received from Publisher


Blurb: Leeland Jeffers is a contented single man with a thriving career in Atlanta. He’s had a few unsuccessful relationships over the years, but no one has even come close to his first love, Harrison Rhinehart. They met in college when a mutual friend, Suzie Garrison, introduced Harry into their close-knit group. When the supposedly “straight” Harry made a move on Lee, the two men entered into a tumultuous secret love affair. In their senior year, the relationship finally ended when Harry informed Lee he was marrying Suzie.

Since graduation, the college friends have drifted apart. However, an unexpected invitation to a destination wedding seems set to reunite them all. Lee’s speculation on whether Harry and Suzie will make an appearance threatens to derail his attendance. But Lee decides the hell with it and makes plans to go, Harry Rhinehart or no Harry Rhinehart.


Review: Lee Jeffers just recieved an invitation to a wedding for his close friends, Sara-Grace and Derek. He knows immediately that he’s going to attend, but there is one thing stopping him from getting too excited. The fact that he will have to once again face his ex, Harry.

Harry Rhinehart has always known what a huge mistake he made all those years ago. He truly loved Lee, but was denying who he was, and thought he was making the right choice at the time. Now, things are different, and he is determined to get Lee back. He want’s another chance to make things right, and he won’t leave till he gets back the one thing, he threw away.

For a short story, I thought it included everything that needed to be seen, and nothing felt left out. The characters were fun to read, and I laughed quite a bit. I did feel that Lee forgave Harry a bit too quickly, but this was a short story, so you have to move things along. I really enjoyed it, and would recommend it to anyone looking for a fun, fast and low angst read.

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