Butt Riders on the Range

Authors: Kage Alan, J.P Barnaby, Ally Blue, T.C. Blue, Shae Connor, Jevocas Green, Kiernan Kelly, and Eden Winters

Publisher: Wilde City Press

Rating: 4 stars

Buy Links: WCP and Amazon

Type: Anthology

Received from Publisher


Blurb: Do you imagine blazing gun battles, bandits, and saloons with watered-down drinks when you think of cowboys and the West? We don’t. Our minds go right to horse shifters, bull shifters, were-leopards, urban wannabes, an interrupted journey along Route 66, a man of mystery named Dr. Feel-Good, and high noon at the edge of the galaxy! The fourth time’s the charm as the Butt-Thology authors saddle up, ride their men hard, and put ‘em away wet.

Butt Riders on the Range…the bulls aren’t the only ones being grabbed by the horns!



Review:  Please don’t let the name of this anthology discourage you from giving it a try. All of the stories were very entertaining, and I really enjoyed reading them.

Squatting With Spurs On by Kiernan Kelly was my favorite of them all. Though it might have something to do with the story plot. It’s my favorite kind, and I wish there were more like it in the MM genre. And no, I will not be telling you what that is. You’ll have to read it for yourself. I will tell you that it involves a ghost and a run down piece of crap ranch. The story was very cute, and I really loved the ending.

Calling all Eden Winters fans. You will not want to miss this one. Hooves And Horns was great. It’s hard not to love a story about shifters and sexy bull riders.

In The Five Hells War by Ally Blue you have Balthazar, a laywer who’s traveling to Burnt Butt Flats (I love that name) to take the Five Hells Ranch from the owner, Salvador Flint. After spending some time on the ranch, Balthazar has a change of heart. He can’t let the company he works for have Salvador’s Ranch. He plans to fight against them, and save the Ranch and hopefully find someone to love him in the process.

Hung Like A Horse by J.P. Barnaby  was interesting. The interesting part was the way the author wrote shifters. It was so different and unique. Riley is a horse shifter who has been living on a ranch pretending to be nothing but a horse. Well, until his body forces a shift and ends up naked in front of the owner of the ranch. Out of all the stories in this anthology, this is the one, I wished was so much longer. I think it would be pretty great to get a chance to see Riley’s life, before and after from when this story took place.

I’m always happy to read an anthology, and this one was prefect. It was fun, made me laugh, and, I might have even teared up a bit. Don’t laugh, I have a soft heart. 🙂 I would definitely recommend this one.

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