Dreams of the Forgotten (Sumeria’s Sons #3)

Author: Lexi Ander

Publisher: Less Than Three Press

Rating: 3.5 stars

Buy Links: LT3 and Amazon

Type: Novel in a Series

Received from Publisher


Blurb: For Tristan and Ushna, nothing comes easy and with each passing day the challenges grow and the dangers multiply. The safe home they are building for their family and tribe is threatened from all sides, and the peace they seek is being torn apart by enemies and internal strife. Tristan dares not reveal his condition to any but those closest to him, all the while he’s plagued by dreams he cannot remember upon waking…

And over all of it hangs the knowledge that his time with Ushna is running out. Because Ushna already has a Flame awaiting rebirth, and though Tristan would die to protect that bond, he constantly struggles against his beast who demands they bind Ushna to their side.


Review:  Tristan is having dreams. Dreams of a life he didn’t live. Tristan can’t understand why he feels such loss when he wakes from these dreams. It doesn’t help he’s big and pregnant. He’s not comfortable and can’t really go about his daily life as he’d choose. When old friends show up it’s not the joyous reunion everyone would have expected. Things don’t really get better from there. Tristan and Ushna realize the children of Tristan’s old Twin Flame, Theo, have been abandoned by Theo’s lover, Daniel. Then some magi show up. But they’re good magi, so that’s… good. Tristan’s baby sister is engaged to the guy who once threw poop at her. Tristan doesn’t handle that well. Tristan isn’t handling much of anything well, and his wolf is stepping forward to handle things for him. Ushna and Nathan are worried for both Tristan’s health and the health of the babies he’s carrying. Tristan also learns at least one non-Lycan group with ill intent has infiltrated his area.

Some warriors appear on the ranch and attempt to kill Randy. This has interesting repercussions. Again, Tristan doesn’t handle it well, but it was a misunderstanding and the warriors are actually pretty good guys. Eventually, Daniel returns and attempts to take Theo’s children from Tristan and Ushna. This actually doesn’t go well for anyone. Tristan decides to take a recuperative nap only to find his dreams and they are not pleasant. He ultimately wakes to find a room full of people who all want an explanation while he’s finally understanding the loss he feels upon waking from the dreams. So of course he also has to deal with a prophecy.

Holy new information, Batman! So much stuff happened. In the kind of way that actually makes me a little nervous. Some of it has to be foreshadowing. New groups were introduced although we don’t know what all they’re doing. Or if they’re working together or against each other. There were mythology lessons for the kids we saw. Some of that must be important at some point. Whereas I don’t feel the previous two books were lacking in world building, I did feel this book had a lot more of it. As this is the third book in the series I was a little stumped by that.

That sure was a huge intuitive leap Tristan made about Randy. Personally, I found that to be a bit too much of a leap. I like the direction the story is taking in regards to Randy, I just didn’t like the leap. That was juxtaposed with Tristan seeing Kent Weatherby’s ring and not knowing where he had recently seen rings of power. There was a shady character referred to as “D,” and a whole box of rings in Daniel’s bedroom. But Tristan can’t figure out where he saw a ring? Okay, I’ve been pregnant and overlooking the obvious is possible, but no one else thought of Daniel? Really? And then the huge intuitive leap about Randy? I just didn’t like it. Of course, “D” may not be Daniel. There may be yet another ring wearer. There are quite a few rings in this book. Tristan wears one himself.

There is a prophecy. It involves three direct descendants of Enkidu and Gilgamesh. The story appears to be pointing strongly to Tristan, Ushna, and Brian being the three descendants. Brian has been dead a long time. That’s a problem. There are more prophecies that have these three guys and their friends doing stuff. Or it could be one big prophecy that’s been broken apart over the centuries. I don’t know. Stuff is happening. I don’t know what it is. Once it happens I’ll happily point back to where it was foreshadowed, though.

I’m enjoying where this story is going. I like complex world building and mysteries I’ll never be able to solve. Making wild predictions about what I think will happen and laughing when I’m wrong is one of the best parts of reading these books. People who’ve read my reviews of the previous books know I picked up this series not knowing mpreg was an aspect of the story. I don’t hate it. It’s probably not going to be a sub-genre I search out, but I don’t hate it.

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