Foolish Encounters: A Rainbow Gold Anthology

Author: Tali Spencer, Tinnean, Elin Gregory, J.C. Wallace, Amy Lane, Angel Martinez, Freddy MacKay

Publisher: Wilde City Press

Rating: 3.5 stars

Buy Links: WCP and Amazon

Type: Anthology

Received from Publisher


Blurb:  An accident, a chance encounter, a thought blurted out, a boat blown off course, a change in direction that suddenly runs into the line of fire – the smallest misstep can change everything. These foolish encounters are the moments around which lives pivot and sometimes spin out of control. Join us for tales of imprudent choices and bad decisions that can lead just as easily to hilarity as they can to tragedy.


Review: This Anthology was full of all kinds of crazy encounters.

Shredding the Heart by JC WallaceA skateboarder tries to impress a cute jogger, but ends up sending the man to the hospital, when his board accidently cracks him the head and knocks him out. I LOVED this story. The MCs were great. It had just the right amount of angst and the heat level was set to perfect.

Well Hello, Eight Eyes by Tali Spencer – When a mans boat capsizes, he ends up stuck on an island full of gigantic spiders. Creepy! *shudders* 🙂

A Message from the Home Office by Angel Martinez – A Planetary Liaison has been given a new assistant, and the guys is a pain in his rear. He’s all OCD and hyper. He’s always yelling about all the violations in sight. This was a cute story, and I don’t care what Spencer from Freddy Mackay’s story The Nut Job says, Rcrred AKA Richard is adorable, with his spazzy ways. 🙂

I love anthologies. There is something about an anthology that relaxes me. You can sit down, start a story and finish within a few hours. You can pick and choose which story you want to read, and you’re not limited to just one long tale. That’s the best part. The bad part of an anthology is sometimes, you never know what you will get, until you start reading. In Foolish Encounters, I found that I had a tough time with some of the stories. Some I really liked, and some, I just had a really hard time getting into.

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