Forever Mine

cover57916-mediumAuthor: Monica Burns

Publisher: Maroli SP Imprints

Rating: 4.5

Buy Links: Amazon

Type: Historical Novel

Received from Publisher


Blurb:  Her future lies in the past

When a bomb explosion thrusts Victoria Ashton backward in time to 1897, she’s forced to impersonate the Countess of Guildford. Despite Victoria’s attempts to convince the earl she’s not his wife, her counterpart’s infidelity, lies, and ill-tempered personality makes the task almost impossible. Worse, Victoria finds herself falling in love with a man who loathes her. Only when the earl learns to trust her does she realize her future lies in the past. But love always comes at a price, and she must make a painful sacrifice in order for them to be together.

Her love will save him

Nicholas Thornhill, Earl of Guildford has been searching for his missing wife for three weeks. Rumors of him being guilty of murder make him unwilling to believe his wife’s latest in a multitude of lies. But the changes in Victoria continuously surprise him. Despite his best intentions, he finds the contempt he once felt for his wife turning into something deeper and stronger. But when danger threatens to separate them forever, he must forge a bond with her that crosses the boundaries of time.

A passion destined to cross the boundaries of time


Review: Normally I’m not a fan of time-travel novels, but I was launched into this one without warning and I’m glad I was! It was fantastic! The descriptions were enough to set the mood, the connections between the main characters were enough to make the time-traveling believable and real, and I loved the story line. It completely worked for me, and I loved this book!

We get a hint of a mystery in the beginning when Nick Barrow’s is being teased by his sister Nora about his strange and obsessive love for Victoria, the woman in a portrait that he’s had since he was a teenager. Orphaned young in America when both their parents had been killed, they’d moved to London to live with their Uncle and had worked with him in his antiques business and now ran it after his recent death. Nora plagues him about his unusual fascination with the woman in the portrait, and yet he can’t help feeling that he knows her. That he’s waiting for her. And one day, he hears her voice in their gallery. He rushes out and it’s her. It’s like two souls reuniting–and it’s obvious she feels it too! Until the bomb goes off that sends her into a coma. Nick refuses to leave her side and stays at the hospital, waiting for her to come back to him.

Victoria Ashton wakes up injured and in a room she doesn’t remember, with memories of a burial she didn’t attend. No one recognizes her as from the 21st century, and when she asks the rather angry, horrid man who claims to be her husband and insists on calling her Vickie what year it is he tells her 1897. WTF? She attempts to run to get away from this and back to the future but only injures herself further. Her husband, Nicholas Thornhill, Earl of Guildford, takes her home to Brentwood Manor.  Here, she gets further news: her name is supposedly Victoria Brentwood Thornhill and she’s the Countess of Guildford. Delightfully, Nicholas had married her to regain ownership of Brentwood Manor, which had been lost by an ancestor of his to one of hers in a wager. And apparently she is a shrewish, stupid slut who is currently cuckolding him with several people. No wonder he hates her.

Nicholas isn’t sure whether to be relieved or disappointed with his wife’s disappearance. Vickie was a horrible person, bitchy, demanding, and altogether unpleasant in every way. She set out to humiliate him on his wedding day and had done an excellent job of it. Disappearing three weeks earlier on her way to a ball had only made people suspect he’d murdered her–which was very unpleasant. Scotland Yard has a way of questioning husbands when their wives go missing that makes even the coolest customer feel guilty. So her reappearance solved that dilemma. But what did she want? And why was she acting so strange? Almost totally unlike herself?

Victoria and Nicholas start to fall in love, but Nicholas is scared. He doesn’t know how to explain the change in Victoria. Will she suddenly revert back to her former self? Will she stop loving him? For Victoria–the fear lies in how much longer will she be able to remain in the past. She feels in her soul that she isn’t going to be able to stay, and that it’s a matter of time. So she waits. Anytime she tries to push in her mind and remember what happened right before she appeared in 1897, she passes out. So she stops. She wants to stay as long as she can.

Meanwhile, figures on horseback watch the Manor at night–waiting to do evil. Will Nicholas and Victoria figure it out in time to thwart them? And do the answers lie in the blank spots in her memory?

Read it! You won’t be disappointed.


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