In Elevators (Miss No One, Mr. No #1)

efj_inelevatorsAuthor: E.F. Jacks

Publisher: Loose Id

Rating: 4 stars

Buy Links: LId and Amazon

Type: Novel

Received from Publisher


Blurb:  Former Coast Guard member Olive Parker now spends her days working as a high-powered assistant for a large Southern financial firm, and her nights prowling elevators, waiting for sexy single guys to step on and join her for a private steamy encounter inside the elevator. The only thing she tells them about herself is her nickname, “Miss No One.”

Then Olive meets Gavin Marks, a SEC agent and ex-Army Green Beret, and the one man who refuses her offer to make love in the elevator, AKA “Mr. No.” It turns out Olive’s company is in trouble, and her life is in grave danger. Gavin’s agency wants to recruit her to help them build a case against her boss and his lethal business partner. Olive bargains with Gavin and makes him a deal: his 24/7 protection and his tough talking mouth and smoking body in exchange for her help. Olive tries to keep her emotions at bay, but falls hard for the smoldering government bad boy. Will she live long enough to find out if he feels the same way?


Review: I really really really wanted to like this. The premise was so smoking hot! Yeouch! It would have really worked for an erotica…but there wasn’t enough erotica. So, a mystery/suspense? Nope. There wasn’t enough of that either. It kind of fell flat on both for me. And I really real… okay. I won’t go there again. But I think you catch my drift. For something that started out with a blurb that had so much promise, I didn’t get a lot delivered.  And it made me sad.

Olive has been “riding” in elevators for almost a decade–starting when she was nineteen. Picking a likely target, approaching him, hitting the stop button, quickly getting off, and then leaving the elevator ostensibly satisfied has been her M.O. for many years, come rain or come shine. Apparently she combines this with normal dating, though I have a few questions about that which were never answered. Doesn’t sound appealing to me and I wonder if she ever put her heart into dating if she was holding a part of herself back that allowed her to have this anonymous sex. And she wasn’t that picky if her internal conversation was anything to go by.  On the night of her yearly “anniversary” she picked the wrong guy in the elevator and got turned down for the first.time.ever. Oh noes! Devastated, she returns home mortified.

Gavin Marks is an agent for the SEC and is hoping to recruit Olive to help take her bosses down. Her unwitting knowledge of the interior workings of the office will help their case immensely, and if she’s able to get them some more information from inside, it will help even more to lock the case up. But he’s really attracted to her as well, and that’s not going to help. Plus, he knows he hurt her feelings when he turned her down in the elevator–but he had to. You can’t screw a suspect, and that’s what she is. Olive looks innocent, but she could be involved in the money laundering up to her gorgeous eyeballs. Getting her assistance will gain points in her favor, but also put her in immense danger if their information is correct. What to do?

When Olive finds out who the handsome Mr. No is, she’s both surprised and upset. Finding out that the men she works with are crooks is upsetting, especially since they’d given her a chance when she really needed one–she felt beholden to them! It’s hard to believe until the creepy son of one of her bosses hits on her and she realizes what he is–an accomplice to the crimes that’s ready to hump and dump her in a very real and brutal way. Now she’s on the run not only from him but from her bosses as well–she knows too much and they’ve got to stop her before she reveals it. Can Gavin and the SEC officials keep her safe? Or are they using her as a pawn? It certainly feels so with the good cop/bad cop thing going on as Gavin’s boss keeps alternating between threatening her with charges and then comforting her with protection. What gives? And will she be able to produce enough evidence to prove her innocence?

Or will she get caught in the crossfire?

The characters were interesting and the plot was promising. The author would have been better served providing more character development for the two MCs. I would have loved to see Olivia in more of a kick-ass mode–she served in the military and I wish I could have had more take charge from her and less wishy-washy. I would also have liked the bad guys to be a little more defined and the development of the suspense heightened. Thanks!



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