Random Acts of Kindness

Author: Various

Publisher: Dreamspinner Press

Rating: 3.5 stars

Buy Links: DSP and Amazon

Type: Anthology

Received from Publisher


Blurb: It’s often said there’s not enough kindness in the world. The men in this collection want to change that by reaching out a helping hand to a stranger or friend in need. They prove that an act of compassion—no matter how big or how small—can make a difference. From sharing a table in a crowded cafe, to giving of their time and food or letting someone in on a difficult turn, these men prove that kind-heartedness goes a long way. Their good deeds open the doors to many possibilities: lasting friendship, meaningful connections, the chance for love, and much more. Join them on their journeys to make someone’s life a little bit brighter and maybe find romance in the process. It all starts with a random act of kindness.

The Favor of the Kings by Rebecca Long
A Table for Two by Emma Wilson
The Cambion’s Servant by Fil Preis
The Jackson by Rob Rosen
Never Waste a Good Left Turn by Tray Ellis
One Cold Night in Prague by Hannah Kollef
Pleased as Punch by Liz Makar
Spin Cycle by Nina Francis
The Blue Umbrella by Lane Swift
Two for Joy by Indra Vaughn
The Healer and the Thief by Jessica Chase
Of Clockwork Marvels by Althea Claire Duffy
The Blue Arrow by Reni Kieffer
Humming a Different Tune by Amy Rae Durreson


Review:  Random Acts Of Kindness is an Anthology of 14 short stories about people doing something nice for someone else, without expecting anything in return. I always enjoy stories where people help someone out just because it is in their heart to do so. I’ll give you an example of what you can expect from this anthology.

In Humming a Different Tune by Amy Rae Durreson – Neil is losing his father to Cancer, his twin sister is demanding to have her wedding before their father dies, and Neil has no idea how any of this is going to happen. Then he receives an email from Monty. Monty is a friend of his sisters, and he is willing to help make Neil’s sisters dream wedding come true. In the process Neil and Monty form a friendship that will hopefully turn to more. Which would make Neil’s dream of not being alone come true as well. *whispers* Amy Rae Durreson – I think you should give Monty & Neil another story. Maybe a whole book. 🙂

In The Favor of the Kings by Rebecca Long – Eli finds a notebook in one of his college classes, and delivers it back to its owner. James offers to give Eli anything he needs for his act of kindness. Eli is not one for handouts but he allows James to buy him his lunch and then offers to tutor James in his classes. As time goes on, James and Eli form a close friendship. A friendship that becomes a bit complicated when James asks Eli to come home with him for Thanksgiving. Oh, and he would like Eli to pretend to be his boyfriend. In this short story, Eli and James do so many nice things for each other. They do them just to see the other person smile. ❤

In Two for Joy by Indra Vaughn – Matt has just found out that he has been denied student housing. Alone and away from his family, he has no idea what he is going to do. Then he meets Sam. Sam seems nice enough and is trying to help him, but living with Sam and his parents seems a bit nuts. But, what is he going to do, if he doesn’t accept this generous offer? He accepts and in the process Matt not only finds a man to love and care about him, but he finds a family to.

In The Blue Arrow by Reni Kieffer – A man buys a homeless guy breakfast each morning. They never really talk, but that’s okay because it makes him feel better to give food to someone that may not have had anything at all. Then he offers him the use of his shower. Each week the man shows up on his doorstep to shower and get food. Eventually he asks him to stay, and he does. Many months later, they fall in love.

As you can see, this anthology is full of people doing nice things for others. Giving someone space at your table, when they have nowhere else to sit. Saving someone’s life, when they’re about to be hurt. Giving someone money so they can have food and a bed to sleep in. That’s just some of the Acts Of Kindnesses you will find in these stories.

If I could have one wish, it would have been that each story was bit longer. Some of the stories were just a tad too short and didn’t feel fleshed out enough for me to make any kind of connection with the MC. I’m not saying that they were not good stories. Some I enjoyed quite a bit, but for the most part, I just couldn’t connect.

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