Bayden (Warriors of Ryon #1)

Author: S.K. Yule

Publisher: Loose Id

Rating: 3 stars

Buy Links: LId and Amazon

Type: Novella

Received from Publisher


Blurb: After Bayden rescues Ellie from Earth and takes her to Ryon, she awakens desires inside him he thought he’d suppressed long ago. When casual touches lead to heated kisses and bold caresses, he wants nothing more than to make love to Ellie. However, past experiences have taught him that happily ever after is not for someone like him.

While Ellie is overwhelmed after being taken to another planet, she can’t ignore the way her body tingles and her heart flutters when she’s around Bayden. She is more than receptive to the huge warrior’s touch but is dismayed when he repeatedly resists having sex with her.

After a misunderstanding, Bayden’s trust in Ellie is tested. While she admits she made a mistake, she cannot understand his harsh reaction until she discovers his abusive past. Will her oversight mixed with Bayden’s volatile past be the perfect recipe to cause the demise of their newly blossoming love? Can she find a way to show him that he is good enough for her and that they have a love that can survive anything before he turns his back on her?


Review:  A meteor hit Earth, in central Illinois, leaving destruction and causing earthquakes that still rocked the area months later, leaving Ellie alone until she finds a young girl who needs her help. I liked Ellie.  I particularly like the way she cared for a sick young girl, Mollie, when she didn’t have to.  Molly was dying of leukemia.  I would have liked to see more of their backstory; when and how they met, what they were doing at the time and the people they lost when the meteor hit.  I felt a little short changed.

Bayden is a warrior of Ryon.  He and several more warriors have been watching and tracking the meteor that hit Earth.  They are looking for satersine, a mineral they believe is part of the meteor and something they can convert to a fuel source.  They had to wait for several months after the impact to allow the aftershocks to settle before it was safe to land their space craft in an unstable area.  Ellie and Mollie, while looking for shelter, have a crater open up right in front of their VW Bug with little hope of saving themselves when Bayden and two of his comrades rescue them from immediate death.  They have the technology to cure Molly.  Even though Ellie is reluctant to board a freakin spaceship, she has to take a chance to save Mollie.

That’s where the adventure begins.  A woman and child being whisked away in a spaceship destined for a planet far away.  This story is well written, flows nicely and had a lot of promise.  It didn’t quite live up to that promise, though.  There was more backstory on Bayden than there was on Ellie and Mollie, but it still lacked the depth of character development that I would have liked.  This appears to be the start of a series.  I hope so.  I would like to read more from this author, maybe seeing some of the gaps from this book filled in, living up to the promise it doesn’t quite fulfil.

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