Windburn (Nightwing #2)

cover57528-mediumAuthor: Juliette Cross

Publisher: Kensington Books

Rating: 3.5 stars

Buy Links: Amazon

Type: Novel in Series

Received from Publisher


Blurb: In the Gladium Province, the boundaries between humans and Morgons, the dragon-hybrid race, continue to blur as a new generation surrenders to long-forbidden temptation…

Sorcha Linden does whatever she wants whenever she wants, and no one can stop her. Least of all a man. After all, they’re good for only one thing—warming her bed. But then she meets Lorian, brother of Lucius Nightwing. Seductive and iron-willed, Lorian is determined to melt her emotional defenses—and warm her rebellious heart.

The beast within Lorian longs to cage Sorcha and mark her as his own. Forever. Yet the man within also longs to protect her. When a stalker starts leaving Sorcha suggestive gifts with cryptic messages bearing an ancient blood cult symbol, Lorian’s dragon side takes over. With her life at stake, Sorcha can no longer deny the love they share. But when evil tracks her into the night, will she be too late to claim it?


Review:  The premise for this novel was delightful–a strong, powerful, dominant breed of men, armed with dragon ancestry that makes them crazy strong and alpha? What’s not to love~ And they have wings and can fly their lady loves all over the place. I would TOTALLY love that! But the world-building came crashing down for me when the transitions refused to carry me over and the romance just wasn’t enough.

In Ms. Cross’s world, there are now two worlds mingling. The humans and the Morgans, a super breed of former dragons that are now half-dragon, half-man. The men are very dominant and still have the aggression of the dragon in them. They’ve moved in the human world and have dominated it. The Morgan females that choose to live in the human world are softer, more sweet. The more aggressive Morgan women live in another place, where humans aren’t welcome and they can be as dominant as they want. There are the usual “keep our race pure” cries from both sides, and one of the plot twists in this book relates to that. However, the romance is the main line.

Sorcha Linden is a hot-blooded human female that has abandonment issues. Determined to never be ruled by a man–thus saving losing her heart again–she’s never going to settle down. She loves messing around with the tall and strong Morgan men, but being tamed by one? Never!

Morgan men are born to find their soul mate, and Lorian Nightwing has set his sights on Sorcha Linden. Having her working with their company on the new human/Morgan mix nightclub is a mixture of pain and pleasure as being near her causes him to be constantly aroused and annoyed at the same time.

When a stalker starts sending gifts and making his move on Sorcha, not only does it bring out the beast in Lorian, it brings out the stubborn in Sorcha. Determined to not take any help from Lorian, she puts them both in danger when she unwittingly allows herself to be the pawn in a cult’s bridal sacrifice.

Has the bond Lorian and Sorcha built strong enough to lead him to her? Or will he not make it in time to save her from being the first sacrifice in the new millenium?

The writing was hot, the men were very alpha, and the idea was delightful. I would love to see smoother transitions and more believable character development as the characters fall in love. With such a strong cast and such a compelling world, the author could do much to increase my interest in the characters by building a more convincing relationship. Good luck and thanks!

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