Wildest Dreams: A Frederick Dick and Riley Silcox Mystery

Author: Sharon Maria Bidwell

Publisher: Loose Id

Rating: 3.5 stars

Buy Links: LId and Amazon

Type: Novel

Received from Publisher


Blurb:  CID Detective Inspectors Frederick Dick and Riley Silcox have more to worry about than how their names create merriment with other officers and suspects alike. There’s the complication that Riley is gay and very happy to be that way, while Frederick’s desire for his fellow officer causes him nothing but misery. Riley suspects Fred might be gay, but if that’s the case, he’s sure the man isn’t happy about it, and Riley doesn’t intrude where he isn’t wanted. Riley has no reason not to pursue other relationships, especially the attractive Scotsman, Calhoun. If only he knew how much Fred does want him it could be a very different story.

When they track down the supplier of REM — a new upmarket and very secretive drug that not only does strange things to those who take it but could have amazing recuperative properties — they become the victims. Is Frederick only hallucinating running wild in the woods, or like Riley will he choose to run naked, baring not only his body but also his soul, revealing why he promised to remain celibate, and why having Riley around means that isn’t working out for him, at all.



Review: There is a new drug showing up in strange places. Detective Inspectors Frederick Dick and Riley Silcox have been teamed up to investigate one of the more recent incidences involving the drug, which has been dubbed REM as it produces dreamlike hallucinations in its users. After interviewing someone who had the drug in their system, Frederick and Riley travel up to Scotland to investigate the possible leads. They’re also trying really hard to not be attracted to each other. Riley doesn’t want to fall for a co-worker, especially one who appears to be straight and Frederick doesn’t want to be gay. He desperately doesn’t want to be gay and he hates his attraction to Riley. When Riley has some fun with a member of the local constabulary Frederick really has to take some time to assess his feelings for his current partner. As they investigate the most likely source of the drug, they find they’ll be getting in touch with their desires up close and much more personally than they had previously thought. Then they have to decide what they want to do about it.

I’m not really sure how I felt about this book. On one hand it was interesting. I enjoyed the characters and the storytelling was okay. On the other hand it was kind of a long and drawn out story of being true to yourself regardless of the expectations of other’s and the bad guy was the one who gave the good personal advice. A decent sized chunk of the story was a drug trip, too. Not my favorite thing.

I completely admit some of my issues with this book are absolutely my own. I am not a fan of the trope of someone finally loving someone enough to be honest with themselves. I feel like I’m the choir being preached to in those situations. Other people still enjoy these stories or need to read them, and this would be a great book for that crowd. Frederick absolutely had to get over his personal issues and admit what he wanted to himself. He had to live his life on his own terms. Frederick was a well defined and thought out character even if he wasn’t one I happened to enjoy.

Overall I’d say this book was interesting. I did want to continue reading even if I felt the message was not for me. The characters are well thought out. I’ll certainly pick this author up again.


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