Playing Dirty (Windy City Kink # 3)

playingdirtylrgAuthor: Kelly Jamieson

Publisher: Samhain Publishing

Rating: 4 stars

Buy Links: Samhain and Amazon

Type: Novel in Series

Received from Publisher


Blurb:  What seems like surrender may not be surrender at all…

Paige Nelson has an amazing new life in a new city with her own business and new friends, her abusive ex-husband firmly in her past. Plans to expand her business are running into a few roadblocks, but she doesn’t need a man to help her. She can do this on her own.

From the minute he lays eyes on Paige, prominent developer Raff Lauden wants her. Intensely. Urgently. Though petite and delicate usually isn’t his type, he finds himself asking her out. Even more surprising? She says no.

Paige has a history of being attracted to dominant, controlling man. The kind she swore never to get involved with again. But maybe she’s trying to resist the one man who can give her everything she’s ever really wanted…

Warning: This book contains a feisty little blonde who likes to play with fire and a big wounded hero who won’t let her get burned.


Review: This book was really hot and really funny and really great. And looking back at my list of authors I see I’ve read Kelly before! Why oh why haven’t I looked for her other stuff? A mistake I’m going to rectify, STAT! And what a meet-cute! Loved it 🙂

Our friend Paige is lovely and hot and a little troubled. She was married to Delmer, a real asshole–we all know the drill. He was just a control freak that wanted to tell her what to do and made fun of her when she was vulnerable so that after a while, she felt like shit about herself. Know the type? <raising hand> Moving to Chicago didn’t seem to shake this dillweed, but she was getting on with her life. And it made her a little TSTL–she didn’t want anyone to help her, and she was afraid to appear weak in any areas of her life. Even though she liked a little domination in the bedroom, she felt it made her appear weak. And she couldn’t have that. Oh noes!

When Raff first met Paige *presto* instant lust. She was totally not his type but when she turned him down, he was hooked… line, and sinker.  He could not get enough of her cute little petite blonde frame, cutting through the crowds like a tiny shark. She might be little but she was mighty–and successful! And determined to do it on her own. He really liked that. So he sent some gifts. She returned them. He brought them back to her office and persuaded her to keep them, but couldn’t quite nail the dinner invitation–again. Which really got him. It was GAME.ON.

Who doesn’t like these boy chase girl scenarios? Especially when it’s a hot rich boy. Yum! And he’s deliciously wicked. Naughty. Yes, ladies. Naughty. In bed. Not naughty cheat on you with your sister. Naughty, whipped cream on your private parts naughty

Can you tell it’s one of my favorite tropes?

Raff doesn’t understand this woman. She doesn’t want his help. She hates it when he gives her gifts. She doesn’t want to be beholden to anyone! There’s Delmer, the crazy ex-husband stalking her, and when Raff acts possessive or protective, she clams up. What is an alpha man supposed to do? Knit? Learn how to play the violin? He wants to hurt that guy! Raff hates that Paige considers him the same type of man her ex is–a controlling, domineering alpha asshole. While he cops to some of that, Raff would never hurt a woman in anger. He doesn’t want to control Paige, he wants to protect her. When is she going to get a clue that he’s crazy for her, and his way of showing his feelings is by taking care of her? That he ISN’T Delmer?

These scenes were really hot; the characters were interesting and driven. I really enjoyed the depth of character development for Raff and the background with the youth center and the information about his troubled childhood and what drove him to act the way he did. It made him a very believable and sympathetic MC in the story line and I appreciated it. While understanding the fierce need to succeed on her own and her intense fear of getting caught in another bad situation, I was frustrated with the length of time it took the female MC to wise up. Just because some men like the same things it doesn’t make them the same person. But I’m a little impatient, so my long time might be another’s just right–you be the judge. Thanks for a very enjoyable read, and I’m looking forward to my next from this author!



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