Dianne’s best of ’14

1.The Boy With The Painful Tattoo by Josh Lanyon16219338

This latest series installment heralds the return of two of my all- time favorite characters. The dynamic between Kit and JX is intense and powerful. Their serious relationship issues were dealt with painfully realistically while being juxtaposed with madcap murder & mayhem. Love Kit’s snarky, yet warm and straightforward POV. More please!


2. Bloodline by Jordan L. Hawk 23202149

Magic indeed. One of the best decisions I’ve ever made was to pick up Widdershins – the first book in this amazing paranormal series. This is book 5, and it is a thoroughly shocking, spellbinding and satisfying culmination of who, what, where and why! Whyborne and Griffin are real to me. Do not try to tell me otherwise! 😀

3. A Royal Affair by John Wiltshire

This book is having an affair with my heart for sure! Picked it up hoping for a compelling historical read and Blam! A page turner of epic proportions, this one combines: slow burning romance, great dialogue, witty humor, snarky banter, careful reveals, more than a few plot twists, and some “oh what the hell, no this can’t be happening!!” moments. An awesome discovery and a new must read author for me.

4. Red Dirt Heart #3  NR Walker

Charlie. Travis. Their growing bond with each other – as they experience personal growth of their own – is executed through some of the finest and most compelling writing I’ve had the pleasure to read. The Australian outback station setting is a fully realized character in its own right. Holding off reading book #4….don’t want this series to end!

5. Enlightened by Joanna Chambers

Historical heaven. Super intriguing characters and plot – with excellent subplots as well. Sensual, conflicted romance between David and Murdo. Artfully authentic showing of the personal growth of the characters. The eventual outcome of their relationship was brought about in such a very clever and plausible fashion. Bravo!

6. Understanding Jeremy by AM Arthurjeremy

Loved that the POV used in this story was Jeremy’s, whereas the first book in the series was Cole’s. Insight into both of their minds was eye opening. Lots of untold stories, lots of untold fears between these two that needed hashing out. They made me angry, they made me cry, they made me schmoopy. This author delivers two guys working through their issues with an intense and gutsy finesse.

7. Highfell Grimoires by Langley Hyde

Steampunk fantasy jackpot! Awesome world building and settings. Just when I thought I had someone or something figured out, it was like…nooo, hah, keep reading! Well, that was certainly no hardship. Loved Leofa and Neil and how they came to slowly trust each other. I appreciate that the societal issues in the plot were dealt with very cleverly – no preaching, yet highly effective. Looking forward to more from this author.

8. Meatworks by Jordan Castillo Pricemeatworks-200

Oh Jordan. You brought light to a dark place. This story and characters will stick with me for a long time.

9. The Thousand Smiles of Nicholas Goring by Julie Bozza

Gorgeous writing. The perfect, beautiful love and understanding between Nicholas and his Davey is once again delivered in stunning form. The series story arc is delivered full circle in reverent prose. The sublime Australian outback and culture plays a crucial and unforgettable role. When I read this book, this series….I am right there with them. I’ll never look at a blue butterfly again without thinking of these two men.

10. Because of Jade by Lou Sylvre

First in line Luki and Sonny fangirl here! This book and series is an excellent combination of action/adventure and arrow through the heart. Witnessing these two sublimely written kindred spirits welcoming a young child –Jade- into their home was perfection. It seems often times within readership of this genre, kids are viewed as a detriment. Not so here. Jade completes them. Their beautiful relationship just became even more so. ♥

4 thoughts on “Dianne’s best of ’14”

  1. ~sigh~ I will not buy all the books today. I will not buy all the books today. I will not… hahahaha. We know I’ll buy at least 1 of the books today! Thanks Dianne!

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