BookSmitten’s best of ’14

1. Vanished by Carter Quinn22922844
Solidly written mystery that had me constantly revising my theories right to the end. Speaking of which; Oh my freaking god! There better be a second book!!! Awesome twist.


2. The Art of Breathing by TJ Klune
One word that would sum up this book is Epic. It is a roller coaster ride, but along with the tears are great laugh out loud moments and amidst the heartache there is always, always plenty of hope.


3. Something Like Spring by Jay Bell
This is definitely Jason’s story, but I loved how other well-known and beloved characters were expertly woven throughout the book. It was superbly done and helped tie all four books together. Although this book was a worthy finish to a wonderful series, I’m very glad that the author is continuing to write more in this world, because I’m not even close to ready to say goodbye.


4. Chasing The Dragon by Kate Sherwood
I was really, really invested in the guys and loved both of them. This book is the perfect example showing that even though a character does something completely reprehensible, they can still be completely redeemable. And it can be done believably.


This anthology represents the amazing people who make up the m/m community, who will jump to do whatever they can to help and support a fellow member without hesitation. Even so, the book itself is a fantastic collection of wonderfully written stories that are also worthy of those stars in their own right and I thoroughly enjoyed it.


6. When All the World Sleeps by Lisa Henry and J.A. Rock
Fascinating, heartbreaking, sweet, frustrating, hot, hopeful. This intriguing story is complete with amazing, complicated characters. I truly loved everything about this outstanding book.


7. Shiny! by Amy Lane
This is probably the lightest of Amy Lane’s books. The writing is as superb as always, with plenty of humour, characters that you swear you’d know in real life and a wonderful romance. Oh, and maybe an adult toy or two!


8. Skin Game by Jim Butcher
To be fifteen books into a series and still have great momentum is quite an achievement. This book once again finds Harry facing impossible odds that you think will be insurmountable; at least in a believable way, but Butcher always manages it. The diverse and fantastic cast of characters also make it hard to put down.


9. Splinters by Thorny Sterling22670490
I was blown away by the quality of writing from this author’s debut book. And that gorgeous cover art deserves special mention – not only does it have a specific tie to the story, but it was also painted by the very talented Thorny.


10. In Me an Invincible Summer by Ryan LovelessInMeAnInvincibleSummerLG
I really loved how the characters were so real and believable. They weren’t perfect, they made mistakes and sometimes they chose the wrong path. This was a well-crafted story with wonderfully flawed, but genuinely good characters and I couldn’t put it down.


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