Tidings of Comfort and Joey Down Under

Author: David Connor

Publisher: Dreamspinner Press

Rating: 3 stars

Buy Links: DSP and Amazon

Type: Short

Received from Publisher


Blurb: Seth Anderson thought he was a finalist in the Hot Jack cologne modeling contest for King’s Department Store, but Sandy King, upon reviewing Seth’s photo and resume, just wanted to jump him like a horny kangaroo. Seth quickly learns there is pain behind Sandy’s bravado and a sweet, lonely man behind the act. A holiday romance blossoms like the flowers on an Australian Christmas Bell. When Seth, used to a family dynamic without boundaries, oversteps by outing Sandy to his estranged grandmother, however, everything changes. Sandy is furious. He breaks things off with Seth and threatens to return to the US. As Christmas approaches, any chance at happily ever after seems as likely as a snowstorm in Sydney. It would take a miracle from above to set things right. Good thing ‘tis the season. 

A story from the Dreamspinner Press 2014 Advent Calendar package “Celebrate!”.


Review: Despite a funny beginning this book just felt like it was trying too hard. I love humorous books so I thought I’d enjoy this one. Sadly, it went from funny to sappy and angsty. Bordering on ridiculous. And not in the amusing way.

Seth’s parents enter him in a contest as a hunky model at a department store in Austrailia. Seth isn’t anything like the other contestants physically so he wonders why he’s been chosen. The guy in charge of picking the winners, Sandy, admits to having the hots for Seth after propositioning him for a blow job at the the advice of his assistant. Seth is rightfully repulsed by this but Sandy’s persistence to woo Seth pays off. Once they’re dating Sandy has one more secret to reveal. He dresses up in drag.

I liked about half of this book. Right up until Sandy let out his big secret and seemed to switch personalities. He went from awkwardly charming to whiny and pouty. Seth did some silly things but considering how badly Sandy wanted to be with Seth he threw it away pretty easily. I never really got a good grasp on why Sandy dressed up as Comfort. Was it for him? Or his guilt about his sister? Also dressing up as your dead sister is just weird no matter how you spin it. It was also frustrating how Sandy wouldn’t listen to anybody in regards to their acceptance of Comfort.

I did think Seth’s parents were fun. Totally inappropriate and embarrassing but in an entertaining way. The Aussie stuff was obviously over the top. I don’t know if it was meant to be or not. I wish it had stayed in the funny and cute realm and avoided the angsty avoidance angle. Would have been a much better read IMO.


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