One Holiday Ever After

Author: Tere Michaels, Elle Brownlee, & Elizah J. Davis

Publisher: Dreamspinner Press

Buy Links: DSP and Amazon

Type: Short

Received from Publisher


Blurb:  The holidays are a time for celebration, discovery, coming home, and maybe even miracles for those who are lucky. From the streets of New York City, to the wintery wonderland of the Maine woods, to the quaint, small town charm of Idaho, the men in these stories have different holiday desires. They’re looking for familiarity or fresh starts, but they have one thing in common—their happily ever afters might be waiting in the last places they think to look. Come see what they unwrap in these stories by three acclaimed authors of male/male romance.

Holiday Roommates by Tere Michaels

As an actor without prospects, Nate Brandywine needs an emergency roommate for the month of December. During a humiliating gig as a Christmas elf at a NYC department store, he meets Sean Callahan, his producer and a man struggling under the weight of a past-due loan. Sean’s desperate for a place to stay in the city for a few weeks. A month of sharing a workplace and an apartment with someone you can’t stop flirting with? Maybe the holidays won’t be so terrible after all.

Holiday Sanctuary by Elle Brownlee

Chris Declan is trekking through the wintry wonderland of rural Maine, searching for inspiration and himself, when he’s literally and figuratively taken by storm. First by the surprise blizzard that finds him seeking refuge in Paul Bak’s secluded cabin, and second by Paul. Making the best of being snowed in together soon becomes a comfortable friendship with fireside chats, a quaint holiday celebration, and more. But despite their growing closeness, there’s one thing they avoid—what will happen when the snow clears and the holidays end.

Holiday Homecoming by Elizah J. Davis

Gavin Anderson never thought making it as a writer in LA would be easy, but when his latest project falls through, he gives up on Hollywood and heads to Bonabri, Idaho in hopes that the peace and quiet of his childhood home will help him figure out his next move. Instead he finds Eric Nichols, his parents’ cute and charming housesitter who is there to experience the small town Christmas festivities. Gavin’s plans for quiet reflection are no match for Eric’s holiday cheer, and he soon finds himself swept up in the spirit of the season. Gavin thought his life had hit a dead end, but in coming home he finds what might be a new beginning.


Review: Holiday Roommates by Tere Michaels 4.5 stars

This was my favorite holiday read this year. I really felt like I got to know the characters. Nate was totally adorable and kind of sad. I loved all the layers his character had. He comes off as this confident happy guy but he puts on a carefree happy facade honed by years in front of an audience. Taking this job is a new low for Nate but it’s better than losing his apartment and moving in with his mom. Nate is a very likable guy. He just has his own struggles and history directing him through life situations. I found him very intriguing and fun to read about.

Sean looks like the total package. Handsome,put together and owner of his own business. Totally in control. Underneath he’s barely keeping it together. If he doesn’t make the show work, he’ll have to return to a boring desk job with his dad per their agreement for the start up loan for his business. The show HAS to be a success not only for him but all the people counting on him for a holiday paycheck. It’s a lot of pressure and a lot of work.

Thank goodness for Sean, Nate comes along. Nate is super talented and elevates the quality of the show. Nate also offers Sean a room to rent closer to the department store and for cheap. Nate is saved by the desperate situation Sean finds himself in because he is totally broke once he makes rent. And a boy has to eat! So the guys become roommates that turn into much more. Despite Nate’s initial embarrassment at taking the job he finds he likes the crew he’s putting on the production with and wants it to be a success.

I loved the couple and their transition to lovers. The chemistry was so good! The flirting was fun and kept me smiling the entire book. The story was excellent. I even loved the secondary characters. Wonderful holiday themed romance. I highly recommend.

 Holiday Sanctuary by Elle Brownlee 3.5 stars

This one had it’s moments where I was engaged but I just thought something was missing. I didn’t really connect to the characters. Chris was pretty fun but also kind of needy. Paul was pretty accepting of Chris showing up despite his self proclaimed recluse status. I guess that changes when you find a hunky guy at your door in the middle of a snow storm with no where else to go. He was also able to dust off the back and forth pretty easily considering he’s exiled himself to a cabin in the woods. I did enjoy the guys getting to know each other. I loved the cat.

The guys were stuck in a cabin for most of the book so I think I needed to be really engaged in them as characters and as a couple since not much else is going on. I just couldn’t get there. The pace was kind of slow. Some of the dialogue was fun and flirty. The want between the guys was evident.

One thing that niggled at me was Chris running off. He said he doesn’t make a habit of it but he ran off to the woods when work got bad so it seems like he has a history of it. I guess you could could call that escaping? He was also pretty insecure when it came to Paul wanting him. There was kind of an opposites attract vibe but you don’t know a lot about Chris’s situation until near the end of the book. The ending wraps up sweet and tidy.

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