My Mate Jack (Heated Beat #1)

Author: Garrett Leigh

Publisher: Dreamspinner Press

Rating: 4.5 stars

Buy Links: DSP and Amazon

Type: Novella

Received from Publisher


Blurb: Will Barter’s been in love with his best mate Jack for as long as he can remember. They’ve shared everything: love, life, laughs, even Will’s first kiss. But Jack’s straight, and Will’s long-buried infatuation means nothing until their last summer together draws to a close.

Then one night, everything changes, but with Will bound for university in Leeds, and Jack for his dream DJ job in Ibiza, there’s no time to explore their blurred lines. Before long all that’s left are secrets, lies, and misunderstandings.

In the months that follow, anger and hurt overshadow fifteen years of friendship, and Will must dig deep to remember Jack is his mate… his best mate, and nothing matters more than that, right?


Review: My Mate Jack is the story of two best friends and their journey to self discovery and love. It’s one of those situations where the one you’re meant to be with is staring you right in the face but things just don’t quite work out that easily. I loved this story. The yearning was so delicious in this one.

Will knows he has no chance with his best friend, Jack. Jack is straight but Will can’t help how he feels. Knowing doesn’t make the want go away. One crazy night Jack asks Will to take his virginity. Will is shocked but he’s sure as hell not going to say no. It’s magical but then Jack goes away to work as a DJ in another country. Will goes to the university. They sporadically stay in touch through emails. Not a lot compared to seeing each other every day but they’re still best friends and there’s always going to that closeness between them.

Life goes on. Jack is up all night mixing and hooking up. Will is making his way through school. Eventually Jack talks Will into coming for a visit. Things feel different. Jack starts to say things that give Will a little hope he might feel something for him. Or is he just reading what he wants into it?

This was such a good book. I read it in one sitting. I really enjoyed Jack and Will. Will has always known how he feels but it’s kind of taboo and pointless to crush on your best friend when you think he’s straight. You could argue Will knew that wasn’t completely true after they slept together but they never really spoke of it after that day. Then they went in different directions. So worrying about Jack regretting it was always on Will’s mind.

I did feel that Jack’s avoidance got to be a little much at times. I can’t help but wonder what Jack’s POV was like in those times and how much that would have explained away the voids in their communication. I’m sure it would have been awesome to read. Although a very main point in this book is that Will doesn’t know how Jack feels so that wouldn’t really work. Maybe as a bonus? PLEASE! Hell Jack doesn’t always know how he feels. He’s so confused. Seems like he knew he wanted Will pretty early but didn’t know how to make it happen or tried to avoid facing it as much as possible. Even as frustrating as their avoidance became I still enjoyed it. Like a large portion of the book was teasing us with the moment they admit their feelings.

The moments Jack and Will could reconnect again were so beautiful. You could feel their bond. I wanted to scream at them to just say it! But neither did. Or not outright. If you’re a Garrett Leigh fan I’m sure you’ll be picking this one up. It’s much lighter than her other stuff I’ve read so far but still very good. Don’t worry. It’ll hurt a little. If you haven’t read her yet this is a quick read and totally worth the buy. I’m a huge fan and really enjoyed this. I’d love more from these best friends turned lovers.


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