Six Degrees of Separation

six-degrees-of-separation-side-bar-size-210-XAuthor:  Taylor V. Donovan

Publisher: Self Published

Rating: 4.5 stars

Buy Links: Amazon

Type: Book in Series

 Received from Author


Blurb: In the sequel to Six Degrees of Lust, F.B.I. team leader Samuel Shaughnessy and bar manager Machlan O’Bannon are exploring a new phase in their non-relationship. The intention is to take it slowly but power plays are still their favorite activity, and it isn’t long before lines begin blurring. After ending their friends with benefits agreement no rules are left in place to guide them, and soon enough the only thing that’s clear is that neither man is fighting hard enough to reestablish the boundaries.

Their particular situations haven’t improved in the three months since their first encounter. Sam is still focused on his immediate family issues, and everything indicates Mac will have to go to war with his own family before he can reclaim his freedom. The last thing they need is additional complications.

But when the opening of a night club brings Mac to New York City and a break in the Leviticus investigation leads Sam to Houston, they discover how closely their worlds have been connected from the very beginning. Hiding from the life-altering collision is not an option. Will they take the easier road and go their separate ways, or will they come to terms with their past and take a chance on each other?


Review: In the second book in the Degree series, the string of gay murders continue with Sam and his team in New York City slowly starting to unravel the bits and pieces. However, it’s like a ball game in my head–and I’ve almost made a paper copy of the players just to keep it straight! But I keep getting diverted by the hot sex scenes between Mac and Sam. Their relationship is explosive~

Sam’s softening up in this book. At times, you almost want to get Mac to lay off of him; but it’s that relentless push to get Sam to open up that’s working. And we all know that if Sam didn’t want to open up, all the pushing in the world wouldn’t make it happen. He’d run the other way–but he’s not. It’s obvious that he has feelings for Mac and he’s not denying them. Even though he’s still insisting he doesn’t want a “real” boyfriend and that they’re just taking it a step at a time, Mac sees he isn’t getting any real blowback from Sam and keeps taking teeny weeny steps forward. Silence implies consent in this case, and it’s better to ask for forgiveness than permission.

But it’s a sticky mess with all that’s going on in both of their lives. And Mac’s got a HUGE secret that could potentially explode like a nuclear bomb into their lives, sending Sam shooting out of his life like a supernova. And he’d better tell him first because the world that they inhabit is getting smaller and smaller; and their connections are getting tighter and tighter and before you know it, someone’s going to say something to the wrong person and KABOOM.

Sam is becoming more and more comfortable with the life that he’s leading. His guilt and despair over the loss of his marriage to Gabi and the death of his daughter are softening. He’s starting to feel like he deserves to move on and have good things again. He wants closure with Gabi so he can move on with Mac. Can I hear an amen?And this internal decision that he’s now shared with Logan is outwardly manifested by better behavior towards Mac–who’s not sure how to take it. Sam is ready to admit that he’s… in luv.

All of this is playing out against a background of a serial killer getting closer and closer, Sam finding out that the murders in Houston are linked to the murders in New York City, that Mac could be in the crosshairs of the killer, and that his sister Sophie is suffering from a severe mental issue that could seriously damage her relationship with not only her son Nikolai but also with Sam and his mother. Oh yea, and they may have been searching for the wrong guy all along because it seems like there’s a problem of a missing 4 inches or so…

Can I just say that I love Logan Brandenburg, the profiler? He’s not afraid to wear guyliner, he’s smart, he’s funny and a great friend, and he’s catching on to what’s happening with this freaky killer dude. He also rescues Sasha. What’s not to love? Luckily, Eric Callahan of the Houston P.D. is going to meet him and they will have their story in the next By Degrees book, but I’m taunting all of us. Sorry! Get cracking Taylor! These books are like crack and I need another, STAT~!




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