Naughty and Nice (Reindeer Games #3)

Author: Jet Mykles

Publisher: Loose Id

Rating: 4 stars

Buy Links: LId and Amazon

Type: Novella

Received from Publisher


Blurb: Rom is Dasher. As Santa’s lead reindeer, he has everything he’s ever wanted. He is everything he’d ever wanted to be. His life is perfect, filled with good friends and any pretty he wants.

Until Shaw appears in front of him. The drab little elf from Archives isn’t anything like Rom’s other partners. Oh, he’s cute, but he doesn’t knows it. Even more amazing, he seems immune to Rom’s flirting. It’s almost like he doesn’t want Rom. Wait, no. When Rom does proposition him, Shaw turns him down flat.


Even more amazing, Rom is hooked. He can’t get Shaw out of his mind. He even goes to the Library to pursue him. But Shaw — and Shaw’s mother — can’t figure out what Rom would want with him.

Well, Rom’s not entirely sure either but he knows he wants to find out. Can he convince Shaw?


Review:  Rom is living his dream. Every elf either wants to be him or be with him. Or so it seems. The he meets a young elf from the archives named Shaw. Shaw isn’t really interested in Rom beyond his personal information needed for the census the archive is doing. Rom gets turned down. Turned down! Rom has no plans to let that go unanswered, so he tracks Shaw down at the archives. Shaw isn’t really sure how he feels about being chased by Rom. He doesn’t understand it. It’s Rom! Rom should have no interest in chasing Shaw, but despite his mother’s overwhelming disapproval, Shaw goes to see the landing of the sleigh and Rom. Once together they talk all night.

Rom comes up with a really good way to have Shaw around more frequently. Even Shaw’s parents see the value in it. Once they’re together more frequently, Rom continues to make advances toward Shaw. Rom didn’t really understand what all he was getting himself into. The elf who always moved on after a night of fun isn’t interested in moving on anymore.

I’ve wanted to know who is going to catch Rom since the first book. You know the guy who insists he’s never going to fall in love is always the one who falls the hardest. Of course, it’s the guy who wasn’t even trying. Shaw was sweet and innocent. He was a nice contrast to Rom. However; he was as much a dedicated workaholic as Rom. As much as these guys are opposites they’re the same. Rom wouldn’t be interested in someone who wasn’t interested in doing the best possible job for the Village. That little fact is what made Shaw’s parents objections really pointless. Ultimately, I really liked the simple message that we’re all working together for a common goal even if we can’t always see it.



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