Minstrel’s Solstice

Author: Nicole Dennis

Publisher: Dreamspinner Press

Rating: 3 stars

Buy Links: DSP and Amazon

Type: Short

Received from Publisher


Blurb: A wasting plague swept over the Four Quadrants, changing how folks view the traveling guilds. Most travelers now make permanent contracts and settle in villages instead of continuing on the road. Needing to alter his lifestyle, Kerryll MacGhylle rides deep into the Northern Quadrant in search of a place to belong.

The Northern Duke, Cullan Gryffyn D’Antuono, accepts the contract of the frozen minstrel arriving during a powerful ice blizzard. He nurses Kerryll through the ravages of the sickness. Though they live at opposite ends of society, they have more in common than they realize.

A story from the Dreamspinner Press 2014 Advent Calendar package “Celebrate!”.


Review: Kerryll was lucky to make it to safety before he was killed by the blizzard. Due to lingering fears in a post plague land Kerryll was not offered any sanctuary in a village despite the deadly conditions. He finds himself at the home of a Duke. The Duke immediately decides he wants a minstrel for the coming solstice celebrations and binds himself to Kerryll. Then the Duke looks after Kerryll for the night as Kerryll developed ice sickness due to his travel in the storm. The Duke and Kerryll like each other a lot. They celebrate solstice together.

The majority of this story was the celebration of the solstice. Complete with prayers. Page after page of prayers. Kerryll and the Duke really enjoyed it. It wasn’t my thing, so much. I was expecting more interaction between the main characters. I also had some issues with some of the phrasing which felt clunky and a little redundant, to me. Overall, it was an interesting snapshot of a celebration.


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