Luminous: Phoenix Institute (The Phoenix Institute Series)

Luminous72lg (1)Author: Corrina Lawson

Publisher: Samhain Publishing

Rating: 5 stars

Buy links: Samhain & Amazon

Type: Novella in Series

Received from Publisher



Blurb: He thinks he’s seen everything…until he encounters a woman he can’t see at all.

Phoenix Institute, Book 2

As a teen, Lucy left home to gain the independence to pursue her dreams. When a renegade scientist captured and used her as a guinea pig, she escaped, but not unscathed. Rendered permanently invisible and with little memory of her previous life, she has transformed herself into Noir, a rogue crime fighter with one goal: find and stop her tormentor from harming anyone else.

Police Lieutenant Aloysius James thought he’d seen it all in the crumbling and corrupt Charlton City, but a brutal bank robbery committed by a monster has left him feeling he’s out of his depth. One man is missing from the scene and if he isn’t found soon, Al fears he’ll be as dead as the rest.

Al is unprepared for the one woman with the key to solving the case—Noir, who seems equally surprised he doesn’t find her unique ability repulsive.

Together they go out into the night, joining forces to track the monster down. They never expected their desperate alliance would generate a force of a different kind. Attraction…and desire.

Warning: This book contains sex without sight, requiring the characters to do everything—yes, everything—by touch alone.

Review: Oh man oh man oh man. What a delightful surprise! The author sent this to me so that I could review the following book about Noir and Al that’s due out on November 25th, Ghosts of Christmas Past (The Phoenix Institute Series). So I settled in last night, knowing that since it was a novella it wouldn’t take me too long. ~STOP~ One hour later I’m floored! It is absolute genius! I fell in love with it from the first page and it never faltered, not even once. It was… simply… luminous.

I will leave this short and sweet, just like the author did. There was no ‘meet-cute’ at the horrific crime scene– even though they did meet at the crime scene of an awful slaughter. But Al didn’t know that Noir was there. She didn’t reveal her presence until after; until he was sitting on his couch in his dark den, contemplating the monster that had done that dark deed, killed those people, kidnapped that hapless man.

Noir’s voice was the first sign of her presence, and Al halfway thought he was talking to himself. When she revealed her body, cloaked in black, it got even weirder. After she convinced Al to put down the gun, they set to learning about each other. She told some; he told some. When he realized what had happened to her and the information that she possessed, he knew that this was the break that he needed to solve not only this crime but many others. Multiple others. But it would put her in jeopardy. And as they set about working together to solve this horrible crime in the making, his feelings began to become more and more involved. And so does she. But how would they make this ever work? She’s… Noir.

Love is blind, right? But can it be invisible?

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