Need You Now: A Shattered Promises Series Prelude (1001 Dark Nights)

downloadAuthor: Lisa Renee Jones

Publisher: Evil Eye Concepts, Inc. (Amazon Digital Services)

Rating: 4 stars

Buy Links: Amazon

Type: Novella

Received from Author


Blurb: Life is hard. Life leaves you beaten, broken…alone. Then one day, a stranger touches your hand and you feel something intense, unforgettable, but yet, you want to forget. You need to forget. It’s safer than believing in things you’ve decided don’t exist. You know all about shattered promises and lost hope. You know them so much better than you know this excited, warm, wonderful feeling, and it scares you. He scares you, but he also makes you feel alive again. He makes you realize you haven’t really been living. You’re surviving and you fear he’s the one who’ll make you forget how to keep doing it. But what if he’s the one who changes everything?

Review: Lisa Renee Jones writing style is a combination of edgy and seductive, enticing you to continue reading as long as you can because you just can’t stand to not know how it ends. And as with all of her previous series, Shattered Promises stands by its name — it promises to be as riveting as the others and more!

Danielle “Danny” Woods is working as the assistant to CEO Meredith Brooks in New York City at Norton’s Hotel, part of a family-owned chain. Some of the chain’s properties are more luxurious than Norton’s, but Meredith is hoping to take it places with Danny’s help. Her executive skills are flawless and make her an asset to the whole organization. But Danny’s looking to put those skills to better use in medical school. She’s got her eye on a set figure of money that she needs to top off her savings stash so that she can afford medical school without having to work on the side. She knows how exhausting it will be and she wants to be able to focus 100 percent on education and she only needs to make it six more months. She’s just got to stay there, keep her head down, take the MCATs and get into the school she wants.

A chance encounter in the hotel bar one evening ends with a particularly memorable kiss–a kiss that almost has Danny engaging in a hot one night stand with a handsome stranger. Luckily she didn’t, because the next day she headed into the boss’s office to see that very same handsome stranger standing beside Meredith’s desk.

Jensen Miller is a relative in the family owned business, and his vote stands between Meredith either succeeding or having the property taken away from her. Jensen professes to be there to help, but whose side is he really on? Things Danny overhears him saying in private phone conversations differ from his behavior in front of her and Meredith. Forced to travel with Jensen and work at his side, Danny discovers that while she may be very attracted to him physically and emotionally, when push comes to shove, she doesn’t trust him  one bit.

Lisa Renee Jones is a superb storyteller with an engaging style that keeps you on the edge of your seat. My tip for the best reading? Wait until there are a couple of books in the series out before you start reading–while she’s a fast writer, you will find you fly through these books and once you start, you’ll want to have the next one on hand to go right to. Unless you’re patient, unlike this reader…

With Lisa Renee Jones, I’ve found I can’t just stop at one of her books!




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