Billionaire With Benefits (Romancelandia #2)

     Author: Anne Tenino

     Publisher: Riptide Publishing

     Rating: 4.5 stars

     Buy Links: Riptide and Amazon

     Type: Novel in Series

     Received from Author


Blurb:  It’s just a friend thing.

Before confessing his gayness to his best friend, Tierney Terrebonne’s sex life is -strictly restroom. After confessing his gayness to his best friend . . . it doesn’t improve much. Why bother trying when the man he’s loved for fourteen years (see: “best friend”) is totally unattainable? Good thing Tierney is an old hand at accepting defeat; all it takes is a bottle of bourbon. Or fifty. Repeat as needed.

Dalton Lehnart has a history of dating wealthy, damaged, closeted, lying, cheating, no-good, cowardly men, so of course he’s immediately attracted to Tierney Terrebonne. Fortunately, Tierney is so dissolute that even Dalton’s feelings for the man would be better described as pity. Which becomes sympathy as they get to know each other. Followed by compassion, concern, caring, and hopefulness as Tierney struggles to change his life. When the man comes out very publicly and enters rehab, Dalton finds himself downright attached to Tierney. And as everyone knows, after attachment comes . . .

Uh oh.

But post-rehab Tierney can’t handle more than friendship, so Dalton should be safe from repeating his own past mistakes, right? Right?


Review: When I pick up a book by this author I’m accustomed to getting plenty of humor, smexy, and witty writing. I think this book gives us all of that and more. There were some serious topics addressed in this book and plenty of angst for those of you who love it. It wasn’t so much that it weighed the book down. I’d say it was a great balance tipping towards the funny side. And I love funny!

If you’ve read Too Stupid to Live (if not why the hell not? Do it!) then you remember the douche bag best friend of Ian’s named Tierney. This is his book. Tierney comes from a rich and prestigious family. He’s known he was gay from the time he was fourteen, but he’s never come out. His grandpa has always used his fear of being cut off from his family as a way to keep Tierney in check. Including his desire to be with men. Tierney has told himself for years he’s in love with Ian. You actually feel really bad for Tierney after the prologue which is helpful after the way he acted in the last book. Not bad enough to break up Sam and Ian. He’s drinking way too much in a pathetic effort to suppress the real Tierney. He meets Dalton just as his life is spinning out of control.

Dalton works for Ian and that’s where he meets Tierney for the first time. He shouldn’t like him, but there’s just something that he sees in Tierney. Tierney seems to need somebody. Dalton shows him kindness, but Tierney lashes out. This happens a few times but the moments Tierney lets the true him shine through tugs at Dalton’s heart. Dalton also has a thing for needy men. Tierney finally comes out in epic drunken fashion at his grampa’s wake. Tierney goes away to get some help leaving Dalton at a time when things were just getting started between them. When he returns the guys try to stay in the “friends” zone but fail. They basically use Tierney’s recovery as an excuse to keep things light despite them both wanting more. This is where the book turns super angsty. Maybe one split up too many for my taste, but angst lovers will eat it all up!

I loved what a dick Tierney was in this book. It really makes you think what you’d see when you look at him while seeing everything from his point of view. As bad as it sounds I enjoyed reading about his internal struggles. He was such a mess and repeatedly a jerk, but you can’t help but feel bad for the guy once you’re inside his head. I think his drinking problems could have easily weighed down the book, but the author kept the issue present while not making everything about that. That was just how he coped. His issues were deeper than that. Dalton was so good for Tierney. Solid, fun and sexy. He has his own past he struggles with, but it’s not as heavy as Tierney’s. I liked how he had a thing for broken or needy men. So many people do and it all made total sense to me the way the author wrote it.

We get a bunch of Sam in this book. Dalton and Sam become buddies and their dialogue really lightens up the mood of the book. Tierney and Dalton are a lot of fun together, too. Sam just kind of brightens up the page. This was another great read by this author. I wouldn’t say this is as light as Too Stupid To Live, but there is definitely plenty of humor. Higher angst and serious subject matter. I’m really looking forward to who is next. There was a maybe hint about Dalton’s brother. I’m also waiting for Miller’s story. Could they be next?


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