Noble (Indigo Knights #4)

     Author: Jet Mykles

     Publisher: Loose Id

     Rating: 4 stars

     Buy Links: LId and Amazon

     Type: Novel from Series

     Received from Publisher


Blurb:  Donny “Foxy” Foxley is hot. Noble knows it. All those screaming teen girls know it. And so does the production company with their millions staked on the teen idol’s dreamy good looks.

So when the supposedly straight movie star comes onto him, Noble is floored. Never one to ignore the allure of a pretty young man, Noble can’t resist and doesn’t even try. Why should he? Even if it has to be a secret, he’d be crazy to pass up a night of sexytimes with the one man everyone wants.

But one night turns into two, then blossoms into a friendship with the potential for so much more. If that’s what Noble was after, which he’s not. But Foxy gets under Noble’s skin until he cares way too much. Because there can never be anything but sex between them. To the world, Foxy is straight and Noble is anything but. 

Review: This 4th story in the Indigo Knights series has Noble finally meeting someone with whom he wants to spend more than a night or two, but there’s a huge catch because, after all, nothing is easy. Noble meets Donny Foxley at a party promoting Donny’s hugely successful movie – the movie that has made Donny the fantasy boyfriend of half the teenage girls in the country. They don’t have much time to get acquainted before Donny’s handlers step in to protect him from the big, bad, openly gay rock star.

An invitation to Donny’s birthday party leads to an unexpected proposition from Donny, and two nights together before the Indigo Knights embark on a year-long international tour. Donny and Noble manage to develop a friendship during the months apart, and Noble is completely floored when Donny shows up in Chicago after the tour is done and Noble is home for a break. Unfortunately, Noble isn’t willing to hide in the closet with Donny, and coming out will destroy Donny’s career, so there is really no way for them to go forward.

I have loved all but one of Jet’s rock and roll stories in the Heaven Sent and the Indigo Knights series, and I was not disappointed in this one. I really enjoyed seeing Noble struggling fruitlessly to convince himself that he and Donny are nothing more than friends. He’s sinking fast, but still clinging to his belief that he doesn’t do love! Donny is sweet and adorable and fun, and Noble is feeling things he’s never allowed himself to feel before. As is usual in the Knights, his band mates are his best support, but they’re also quite amused to see Noble giving up partying in favor of nights spent at home with Donny. They’re also there to help Noble when it all falls apart. Even Gordon is very human and supportive this time. I’m glad to see this good side of Gordon, because I wasn’t very favorably impressed with him in Lance, the 3rd Indigo Knights book.

Jet Mykles does a good job of presenting one of the downsides of fame – the demand to maintain an image, no matter how false. Donny is a commodity, there are sequels to be made, and no one cares how he feels or how unhappy he is. The producers, agents and lawyers are just interested in protecting their investment. Donny will have to decide between Noble and his career, and the pressure is intense.

If you love the boys of the Indigo Knights as much as I do, you definitely need to read this book. I think it brings the series back on track after Book 3, so don’t miss it. You’ll be glad you stayed around.


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