Nerdy Little Secret (Coconut Cove #2)

     Author: MJ O’Shea

     Publisher: Wilde City Press

     Rating: 4 stars

     Buy Links: WCP and Amazon

     Type: Series Short

     Received from Publisher


Blurb:  Welcome to Coconut Cove where you’ll always find oiled beach bodies, palm trees, tropical drinks, and plenty of drama!

Coconut Cove is the hottest new sensation to sweep the nation — a gay teen drama filled to the brim with hot stars and even hotter action. It’s catching the public’s attention and winning their hearts. But all the drama, heartache, and life lessons aren’t just for the characters on the screen. The fledgling actors behind the scenes have more than their fair share of love and catastrophes. They may only play teens on TV but when it comes to romance, these twenty-somethings still have lessons to learn.

From the scheming ex determined to cash in on a rising star, to the hunky high school crush resurrected from ancient history—from the nice guy with a naughty past, to the snarky diva with attitude—there’s plenty of scandalous hidden affairs and seriously sexy demons hiding in just about everyone’s closet on Coconut Cove.

You just have to be ready to drink it in. Bottoms up … or should we say off?


Review:  Twenty-four year old Key West native Blair Fletcher was both thrilled and surprised when he was scouted for one of the main roles on new teen drama show, Coconut Cove. Actually landing the role of the high school’s rich queen bee Ryder was a dream come true. Sure he felt a little insecure being the acting newbie amongst the rest of the experienced cast, but the others quickly befriend him and it doesn’t take long for the cast to feel like family. Except for Howie, but then he’s just mean to everyone.

Surrounded by hot men, including co-star Tony, who plays one of Ryder’s inner circle, and rumours about who is hooking up with whom, Key West has become a veritable smorgasbord of potential hook-ups. It could be a show in itself! But Blair has never been able to forget a certain tall, lean athlete with wavy golden hair atop classic Viking features. Sander was two years older than Blair, his next door neighbour before departing for college, and popular jock when they went to high school. Although he hadn’t seen Sander since Blair was sixteen, he still hadn’t completely got over his crush on his gorgeous, confident and unfortunately straight neighbour.
Blair struggles with getting into the mindset of the intelligent, devious, yet vulnerable Ryder. He is so far removed from Blair’s own open, friendly personality. Although he couldn’t be further from his scheming character on the show, Blair still finds the challenge of working out what makes the character tick exciting. When he comes home one night after work, he notices someone on the porch next door and can’t believe his eyes when he recognises none other than his ex-neighbour, Sander. And he’s still the most gorgeous guy Blair has ever seen. When his job fell through, Sander Johansen returns to Key West after years away. Luckily the new TV show is hiring set designers and carpenters. That’s okay, Blair can play it cool. Seeing Sander every day on set is fine. Even if his belly did still do flip-flops every time he saw the handsome Viking god.
Okay, yes, I did see the return of Sander coming from a mile away. It wasn’t exactly subtle, but that was absolutely fine; I really didn’t mind at all. This story is meant to be playful and very much in the vein of watching a show like the one the series in named after. And it works very well as that. Nerdy Little Secret was a fun, sweet, light-hearted and angst-free read and I thoroughly enjoyed every word of it. I would have perhaps like to have seen just a little bit more of the romance between Blair and Sander, but there was great character development with Blair and the supporting characters were rounded out enough to feel real. For the most part it was reasonably predictable, but that very predictability makes it a perfect comfort read. There may not be any surprises, but there are great characters, an enjoyable story and a wonderful escape from the every day. I can’t wait for the next instalment! Or should that be episode. I think I might know who the next couple will be…

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