Upside Down (Inside Out #2)

     Author: Andrew Grey

     Publisher: Dreamspinner Press

     Rating: 4.5 stars

     Buy Links: DSP

     Type: Sequel Novel

     Received from Publisher


Blurb:  Lowell Cartwright’s life as a mercenary problem solver has taken its toll, and after one more difficult job, he wants out. For help, he turns to Bull, a soldier of fortune turned club owner—not exactly a friend, but the best chance Lowell has. He visits Bull’s club to scope it out and meets Jeremy Hodgson. The twink captures his attention in a big way. Bull tells Lowell to stay away from the club until he decides whether he can help, so Lowell stays in town. When he spots Jeremy passed out on the floor of a convenience store, he goes to Jeremy’s aid.

Lowell piques Jeremy’s interest immediately, pushing all the right buttons. Then, when Jeremy needs help, Lowell’s kindness turns interest into something more.

But trouble comes knocking when Jeremy’s place is bugged. Maybe Lowell’s past is catching up to him, or maybe the danger centers on Jeremy’s roommate Tristan’s mysterious boyfriend. Whatever the source of the problem, the future Lowell and Jeremy hope for doesn’t stand a chance unless they can find a way to protect themselves.


Review: Lowell, or better known as Spook, has done his last job and is ready to get out of the business. He’s tired and dreams of a semi normal life where he can just be himself for a change. After his last job goes awry, Lowell is off and running. There are men after him and he needs to get gone. Lowell ends up at Bronco’s to speak to Bull (from the book Inside Out) about how he can get out of the business without dying. Bull is also and ex mercenary. One who got out and lived to tell about it. Lowell needs his advice, he needs to know how to come out of this still breathing.

Jeremy Hodgson is down in the dumps. He’s sad and lonely and the only thing keeping him from becoming too depressed are his best friends. He hasn’t had a boyfriend in over six months and all he’s wishing for is to have what his best friend Zach has with Bull. Him and his buddies decide to have club night and head to Bronco’s to hang out and see the show. Jeremy ends up dancing with a good looking stranger and the chemistry between them is off the charts. The next thing Jeremy knows, he’s being kissed and he doesn’t ever want it to end. When the song ends and he realizes that he just made out with a stranger in front of the whole club, he backs away and hightails it back to his friends. Through the evening Jeremy keeps looking for the mystery man but every time he catches his eye, the guy seems to melt into the shadows. When Zach tells Bull they rush Jeremy to the back to see what he can tell them about this mystery man. Bull is a bit worried about this guy. So he sets Jeremy up to lure the guy out so he can get to him. When they finally get a hold of mystery guy, they’re all surprised to see Spook.

Lowell explains to Bull why he’s there and asks for his help. Bull tells him he’ll think about it but Zach is protesting and making his feelings about Spook known. Lowell leaves the club, but all he can really think about is Jeremy. He can’t seem to get him off his mind. He’s promised to stay away until Bull has decided what to do but that doesn’t mean Lowell can’t use his skills and find out as much as he can about Jeremy. When Jeremy is on his way to a convenience store and his blood sugar drops, it’s Lowell who happens to be there to take care of him.

Jeremy tells Zach how he feels and lets just say I didn’t care for Zach’s mouth. When did he become such a little jerk? So judgemental and kind of a know it all. I don’t remember him having that kind of attitude in his book. But, I will say that I loved when Jeremy finally put him in his place. It really needed to be done. After Bull say’s he’ll help, Lowell is free to pursue Jeremy and the two of them start spending some time together. Then Lowell discovers Jeremy’s apartment has been bugged and knows that either he’s been found or someone else is after Jeremy and his roommate Tristan.

From there on things get a little crazy. Drug dealers, hit men, guns, fires, chases through states. Yeah, you could say that these two have had their lives turned Upside Down.

I loved this book. I loved Jeremy with his sweet but tough nature. I loved that he could love Lowell even though he had killed and hurt many people in his life. I loved that he was able to see past all of that and love Lowell for what was inside of him and not what he had to pretend to be. I loved Lowell because no matter what he did to live or survive he still had a huge heart. A heart that truly didn’t start to beat until Jeremy walked into his life.

“Finding Jeremy had turned his life upside down and most likely saved him. He’d discovered his heart and he wasn’t letting go.”


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