Last Chance Charlie

     Author: Ryan Loveless

     Publisher: Dreamspinner Press

     Rating: 3.5 stars

     Buy Links: DSP  and Amazon 

     Type: Novella

     Received from Publisher


Blurb:  Charlie Corcoran is the best thing about twenty-five-year old Zach Prentiss’s life. Sure, they’ve never met. Charlie’s never seen Zach from the neck up, but because of Charlie, for a few hours Zach can forget about his sick father, his falling grades, and his dwindling clientele who don’t like that he’s a rentboy who ages. With Charlie, he talks online about comics, cars, and movies. Then a new client arrives. It’s Charlie wanting sex tips… for a date with Zach. Zach goes through with the appointment, convinced it’s over if Charlie recognizes him. However, he doesn’t have long to nurse his broken heart or worry about Charlie’s before Charlie is back, wanting to take him out, introduce him to Mom, and treat him like he’s decent.


Review: I think I wanted to like this book more than I did. I will admit I could never venture into a relationship with a prostitute, but that’s my issue. While most of this book I felt somewhat uncomfortable with the sex with men while “dating” Charlie. It’s not actually cheating because by the time they’re involved, Charlie knows how Zach makes his money. The story told from Zach’s POV on the matter did help keep things on a rational level. He’s very matter of fact about it all. Zach likes sex. He needs money. It works for him. Zach doesn’t even mind people knowing he’s a hooker. I did have issue with that part of the book. I get him not caring what people think but SO many people knew about it. People can be awful and he has no real future there with so many people knowing. Either he planned to move away, which isn’t possible unless he moves his dad with him. Or to never stop or never have a boyfriend? I don’t really know.

Charlie was pretty adorable. He’s a virgin. YES! The virgin and the whore fall in love. Charlie fell for Zach online before he knew job. Then he goes to Zach for sex lessons not knowing he’s his online love interest. Years of online hook ups have made Zach careful about not showing his face on camera so Charlie has no idea who he is. Zach knows who Charlie is and he thinks his chance with Charlie is over because there’s no way they can ever meet in person now. Charlie has different plans and takes Zach out on his first real date in years. Sparks fly, They have chemistry. Zach can’t help but worry Charlie will leave him because why would a guy like him want to date a prostitute? Charlie has a heart of gold and just doesn’t care that he has sex with men for money. He sees something in Zach that’s worth the chance.

The lesbian besties were hilarious with their ratings and overall attitude. They were a huge bonus for me. I can’t not mention them. Very loyal and funny!

I know people date prostitutes but the way this book was written was vivid about Zach’s sex with customers. It was over and over. I just couldn’t grasp why Charlie didn’t care. I know he loved Zach. He wanted to help him get out. To me this book read as more of a gay prostitute’s memoirs mashed up with gay romance. Which is something the author may have been going for. I just didn’t need so much sex with other people. I think maybe this kept me from connecting to the couple. It needed balanced out. Yes that was their reality but I didn’t need that much reality.

Zach was on his own from a very young age. His dad went into a home when he was 18 and his mom abandoned them when he was younger. So he basically only ever had his dad. When his dad needed him to pay for the constant medical care at the home, he started tricking. I did get a sense of duty out of the reason for him doing it. That he had to take care of his dad. Then it morphs into money and sex. Then he’s kind of gets stuck in it but never really admits to himself he wants out until he realizes he could have something with Charlie. He gets out eventually and finds love. A family he’s never had. A new career he loves. So it does have a happy ending. I’m not sure how much I enjoyed the journey to get there however.



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