Good Enough

Good Enough      Author: Kade Boehme

     Publisher: Self Published

     Rating: 4 stars

     Buy Links: Amazon

     Type: Standalone Novel

     Purchased by reviewer


Blurb:  After three years in Chicago, Payton Grady returns home to Seattle to take a job as a paralegal in his friend’s law firm. After arriving, he sees a gorgeous club kid who accidentally leaves an interesting scarf behind at the bus stop. In a silly attempt to locate the owner, Payton’s best friend places an ad on Craigslist. Two years later, Payton and his friend are shocked to receive a response from the erstwhile club kid—his ex-boyfriend from college.

Noah Di Cicco has been wracked with guilt since college when he crushed Payton. His insecurities destroyed their relationship. Six years and the experience of a rock bottom have changed Noah.

Payton is drawn to Noah and how much he’s grown. Now that Noah knows he’s good enough for love, both men remember what they had, while moving past the hurt they caused each other so long ago. Maybe they can be good enough together.


Review:     Payton and Noah dated in college until Noah ruined what they had with a stupid mistake. A mistake he will regret for many years to come.

Four years later and Payton has left Chicago and is moving back home to Seattle. He has a job at the law firm his best friend Adam works for, and he’s ready to start his life over again. While waiting to grab the bus Payton’s sees a gorgeous guy waiting as well. He doesn’t want to talk to the guy, so he just watches him. He reminds Payton of someone, but he just can’t put his finger on who. When the man gets on his bus, but leaves behind a shopping bag, Payton tries to catch him but he’s too late. When he tells his buddy about it his friend puts an ad in the Missed Connections section of Craigslist.

Who would have thought that two years later he’d get an email in regards to the shopping bag and what are the odds that that bag would belong to the one person Payton would like to never see again.

Noah is stunned when he realizes Craigslist guy is Payton. He’s spent so many years trying to fix himself. He’s done many things he’s regretted and hurting Payton is definitely at the very top of his list. Trying to apologize turns out to be a lot harder when Payton is still hurt and not willing to just sit down and truly listen to what Noah has to say.

Even with what Noah did to Payton, I still found Payton to be the jerk in this book. Noah screwed up and screwed up big, but Payton really treated him awfully and honestly, I wasn’t sure he deserved to have Noah back in his life.

I truly only have one complaint, and it doesn’t even have anything to do with the actual story. It was the editing. I don’t know if the author didn’t have someone to proofread the story or what, but there were quite a few mistakes not to mention the chapters were all jumbled. For example: The very ending should have been at the beginning of the story. I’m leaning towards that being an issue when it was converted. Yes, the story was .99 and so worth it, but I think it might need to be looked at and updated.

This book was exceptional, though. It was about love, heartbreak, growth and forgiveness.

I really do enjoy this author. I’ve read a few of his stories, and I look forward to reading more of them.



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